Why Study in Germany? 5 Pragmatic Reasons

Dec 20 19

Thinking about studying abroad? So most likely you’ve already realized that there’s the ocean of magnificent destinations where you can get a high-quality degree. And among these countries, Germany, undoubtedly, comes one of the first. This is not just a reputation, but a justified fact: Germany has something nice to offer you.

For those who are looking for broad prospects

For decades, German universities have produced well-trained graduates from their walls. These universities are traditionally considered strong in technical, philological, humanitarian, and medical specializations. So if you’re interested in these fields, you should definitely take a closer look at Germany. With this diploma, you have a high chance to get a great job offer both in Germany itself and all over the world.

Currently, the German government and educational institutions are pursuing an active policy to attract foreigners. As a result, the number of foreign students who come to study in Germany has repeatedly increased. On the one hand, this means competition: you’ll need to prepare very well and be the best applicant! On the other hand, the process of studies and integration will be smoother because international students are just something normal here already. In addition, upon completion of studies, foreign students are granted the right to stay for a while to find a job in Germany.

The best things about studying in Germany

Studying in Germany isn’t just about great education, but also about living in an international community. We’re all unique and at the same time have a lot in common

We analyzed the German higher education system and prepared the most beautiful advantages can be found by foreign students:

1. First of all, compared to universities in other western countries, tuition fees of German universities are very liberal and vary from 100 to 500 euros per term. The most essential thing is to prove that you’re able to cover the living costs which include food, accommodation, educational materials, and transportation. Take into account that the subsistence level of this country amounts to 720 euros per month.

2. Germany has an inimitable atmosphere because the share of students from abroad is extremely considerable. That’s why you’ll have a great chance to integrate into a new society and to get acquainted with new international cultures.

On the other hand, because of globalization, there is a high probability that you meet cultural convergence: today different cultures blend and become alike, so it’s much easier to find a common language. Due to common points of contact, adaptation goes much more smoothly. We are all different, we are all unique, each has its own traditions and views – you just need to learn how to accept it, then you will be accepted.

3. Another benefit is that you have an opportunity to apply for scholarships, fellowships, grants and bursaries which will make your life easier. The most popular funds in Germany are the DAAD, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Heinrich Böll Foundation, and many others. All the needful information is given on the websites of the organizations.

4. What can be more alluring than excellent career prospects waiting for you in one of the most developed countries of Europe? When you are going to study in Germany, you should know that it’s a rapidly growing economic power, so that the unemployment rate is quite low. After graduating from any university you’ll be afforded the possibility to look for a suitable job. As a bonus, salaries here are also very pleasant.

5. Finally, the education system in German universities is very flexible. You have a chance not only get sufficient academic skills but also practice them in companies or firms: for many programs internships are an integral part.

Another great thing that you can fulfill your study schedule with courses you want in addition to compulsory study tracks. The range of courses for free-choice studies is very broad, and you really can study everything that is interesting for you. This not only broadens the horizons, and allows you to make learning truly exciting and individual.

More and more people want to study in Germany, so prepare hard and become the best applicant!

The only thing that separates you from studying abroad – your decision to do it. But if you dare and choose Germany as your study, you’ll discover that it’s worth it – new friendships, magnificent architecture, top-tier institutions belonging to world university rankings – all these are waiting for you. It’s time to find the best program on Aplic.io. Wish you a successful study!

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