Entering the Top US Universities. Is It Possible?

Feb 17 20

American higher education is considered one of the best in the world. Every year, top US universities take leading positions in various rankings, and every year millions of students try their luck in entering Harvard, Stanford or Columbia University. But is it possible for foreign students to enter the top US universities? Briefly: Yes! In this article, we explain how.

Harvard University

The United States is the most attractive study abroad destination and few would refuse to study there. It’s well known that US universities have the most reputed teachers and the best equipment, and therefore you can implement the most daring ideas to become a world-class specialist in demand. It’s worth noting that in the United States you can study for any profession, there’s a huge selection of programs, including the rarest ones. Americans are very nice to students from other countries, as this leads to a mixture of cultures, different views, opinions, then interactive debates can evolve right at lectures, which always leads to new ideas and discoveries! US universities are just the perfect place for self-realization!

The price for the self-development and an elite diploma in the United States can sometimes be sky-high, so the Americans themselves begin to think about entering long before graduation. Aplic recommends to foreign students that they begin to prepare for admission to the top US universities in at least two years, that’s, at 10th, and preferably even at 9th school grade. It’s during such a period that you’ll definitely have time to do everything, collect the necessary package of documents, submit the necessary test results, and then find a suitable scholarship or grant!

Princeton University

If you’re a school graduate student and only now you understand that you want to study in one of the top US universities, then it’s still possible, but we advise you not to enter immediately after graduation. It’s better to give yourself time to prepare for better results and achievements.

For example, you can take the so-called gap year – the year of a break between studying at school and university. During this time, you can even take some course that helps prepare you for life and study in another country and make you a real international student!

Long advance preparation is also needed because the acceptance of applications in the United States ends quite early. The requirements of different universities for applicants may vary, but in general, the acceptance of documents ends in December-January for the new academic year, so you need to be prepared the sooner the better.

A very frequent and important question of all applicants is: What exam results do I need to submit to enter the top US universities? So, let’s figure it out!

📌TOEFL or IELTS. The exam shows your level of knowledge of English, and it should higher than the average result. The instruction language in the United States is English, and you must have a good understanding of the lectures and be able to freely express your thoughts. Of course, it’s better to strive for the highest result, count on an overall TOEFL of 100+ and an IELTS of 7+.

📌SAT or ACT test results. This test is really convenient because it practically replaces one preparatory and an additional year of study. Instead of passing the Foundation year like in many other countries, submitting the stated test results to enter top US universities will be enough.

American universities accept the results of both exams, but it’s better to check the required exam on the website of the university that you choose for admission. The main difference between the tests is that the SAT is aimed at identifying your logical and analytical skills, and the ACT will simply test the knowledge you gained at school. In any case, you have to pass one thing for sure! For admission to an undergraduate, this is enough.

📌 If you plan to enter a top US university for a graduate program, then you can’t do without additional exams such as GRE, which also tests your skills and knowledge, or GMAT, especially for business schools.

Next, you should carefully study what documents you’ll need to enter a US university. Here’s a shortlist of what you’ll definitely need, save it for yourself and remember! You can always find additional necessary documents on the website of the selected university.

📌 A school diploma; it will be ideal if you have the highest scores in the specialized subjects that you’re going to study at the university.

📌 The document on the Grade Point Average (GPA); since you’re planning to enter the top US university, it’s also better to strive for the highest result.

📌 A letter of recommendation in English from the school director or teacher describing your strengths and achievements. If you enter a creative profession, then, of course, you need a portfolio.

📌 English proficiency exam results that we wrote about above.

📌 A motivation letter that will show you not only as a student but also as a person, it should reflect your plans, goals, dreams, your desire to fulfill your potential in an American university. More about how to write the best motivation letter you’ll find here.

With this package of these documents, you have every chance to become a student of a top US university!

Cornell University

If you can’t decide what to study, in this case, it’s better at least to determine the sphere and direction of study, which is close to you, and then enter the general specialty. In US universities there’s an opportunity to study for two years of undergraduate studies in so-called undecided programs, during which professors and curators will help you decide what’s best for you.

After such a detailed explanation, everything seems simple, but:

  • If you don’t understand how to send an application to a US university and collect all the documents;
  • If you’re afraid of tuition fees;
  • If you think that you aren’t good enough to enter a top US university…
  • …then you can entrust this matter to Aplic. First of all, we’ll preliminarily assess your chances and draw up an individual admission plan. In accordance with this plan, we’ll help you create a portfolio that will be approved by a university’s admission committee. In addition, we’ll support you to get a visa, choose the best accommodation and become a scholarship holder. Contact us by all existing means (via social media, chatbot or email). We’ll be glad to help you!

    Finally, let’s sum up, what should you do now to study in the US in the future:
    📌 Improve your English!
    📌 Improve your grades at school!
    📌 Find time for an active life in addition to studying, because all your achievements are taken into account when entering!
    📌 Browse university sites, study all the requirements in advance!
    📌 And of course, sign up on our platform, find out everything new first!
    Enter a top US university and be among the best!

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