Education in UAE. Hightech Utopia Among Deserts

Nov 12 19

Oil-rich country made significant economic leaps in the last decades. Now the UAE isn’t the country vitally dependant on raw resources but the center of high technologies, tourism, business and… of course education!

Before starting our discussion about the advantages of studying in the UAE, I’d like to tell you some quick and interesting facts about this extremely attractive country.

Dubai was built just in 26 years. The emirate acquired a modern look in 2015. In 1989 Dubai was still a desert.
  • The UAE is the country of the future: the police here have Ferrari and Bentley cars, and the universities organize student internships in the offices of top companies.
  • In Dubai, the largest city of the UAE, there aren’t such things as language barriers and strangers. 83% of the UAE’s population are foreigners, and all communicate in English. It remains only to tighten up the English and you’re a local. 😊
  • In the UAE, everything is for people: an air conditioning is even at bus stops, the pools in hotels are cooled daily, and the beaches are of the purest white sand.
  • The UAE is a country of miracles: it’s here that stands the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa, where you can see the sunset twice a day, just by taking the elevator from one viewing platform to another. Where else is this possible?
  • Dubai was built just in 26 years. The emirate acquired a modern look in 2015, and in 1989 there was still a desert. For further growth, Dubai needs your ideas. So, come and change this city for the better on your own!
  • Top-ranked, worldwide popular universities open their campuses here.
    University of Wollongong Dubai (from the official Instagram page).

    In the UAE, foreigners are literally attracted by everything: from the quality of education to the methods of self-realization after graduation.

    Significant is the fact that the top-ranked, worldwide popular universities open their campuses here. And this is one of the advantages of education in the UAE for foreign students. The country has entire towns built on the personal funds of foreign universities.

    The most popular branches of world-renowned educational institutions in the UAE are Sorbonne, Middlesex University, New York University, Johns Hopkins University, Murdoch University, University of Wollongong, and the University of Washington. Studying in one of the top universities while being in one of the most developed countries in the world is an excellent option. 😉

    Upon graduation, you receive internationally recognized diplomas without specifying the place of issue. The document on higher education obtained at branch of any foreign university in UAE is no different from those received by students in the main buildings of universities in England, the USA or Australia.

    Admission here isn’t different from other countries. You just need to have an excellent school certificate, be fluent in English and have a certificate of delivery TOEFL

    In order to enter one of the universities in the Arab Emirates, you don’t need to have millions of oil and gas reserves. Admission here isn’t different from other universities. To study here, you just need to have an excellent school certificate, be fluent in English and have an English proficiency exam certificate such as IELTS or TOEFL.

    The UAE is a mixture of about 180 nationalities, which is reflected in its cuisine. Don’t be afraid to say farewell to your mother’s dishes. The city is filled with restaurants, each of which is significantly different from the other. You can try traditional dishes from all countries and cities in the world. For students, there’s a special type of snack that will surely be enjoyed even by exquisite gourmets: tapas-style dishes, which are a combination of small different dishes, the antithesis of a standard snack, can combine breakfast and lunch and dinner right away.

    A very important factor for choosing to study in the UAE is the comfortable living conditions. In the United Arab Emirates, there’s extremely low crime rates. In addition, the government created an excellent social and entertainment infrastructure, so it’s convenient to study, live and spend leisure time in the country. You’ll be full, safe and happy. What else to dream about?

    Or, maybe you want to learn several languages perfectly for the period of your study? So, again, the UAE is the ideal choice. Education in the UAE is attractive to you because there you can learn as many languages as you want at once. For example, during your studies, you can learn English, Arabic, French, and German. Speakers of all these languages are working in local language schools, enterprises, and universities. Therefore, you’ll get a wonderful experience of communication and confident language base.

    In the UAE you can try traditional dishes from multiple countries

    And by the way, there aren’t only European languages in priority! If the geography isn’t your path, I’ll say that there are seven separate emirates that make up the UAE: Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi. This means you’re also likely to come across those who speak Punjabi, Egyptian Spoken Arabic, Somali, Tagalog, Bengali, and other languages and try to speak them. Knowledge of Asian languages is in big demand today. 😉

    Of course, at first glance, it may seem that studying there will cost the price of your entire life, but to reassure you, the prices aren’t very different from the usual universities in England or the USA. Moreover, in the case of excellent study and social activities, the student can apply for a scholarship that covers from 5 to 100% of the cost of education. Also, some universities offer monthly scholarships to students with high academic performance. The size of such a scholarship is approximately 500 USD. Attractive numbers, right?

    If you’re still hesitant to choose the Arab Emirates for higher education, then here are some more prospects:

  • During their studies, students have the opportunity to undergo an internship and, after successful completion, get a job in large companies in the UAE.
  • For highly goal-oriented higher education received in the United Arab Emirates, will be the starting point for obtaining a prestigious high-paying job in any country in the world.
  • You can even apply for a residence permit in the Emirates after formal employment.
  • Unique activities in everyday life. To be honest, where else will you learn how to bargain with sellers like not in local markets and bazaars of UAE? As it happens, it develops the skill of sociability, open-mindedness and the ability to find a common language with anyone.
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