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International students in the UK benefit from a multicultural and vibrant society, fantastic future opportunities, and beautiful nature and campuses whilst studying at the world’s best universities. In fact, the UK is home to 4 of the world’s top 10 universities and 26 of the world’s top 200! Many of these elite institutions belong to the Russell Group and are located all around the UK, from the historical industrial centres of northern England, to medieval market towns, to sunny seaside cities. 

What is the Russell Group?

24 of the leading universities in the UK belong to the Russell Group, which was formed in 1994. Its member universities work together to make social, economic and cultural impacts through their research and teaching. The Russell Group does not just focus on teaching and learning, but also on environmental issues, tuition fees, immigration and visa policies, and international partnerships. Its board members are the Presidents and Vice-Chancellors of the UK’s best universities. You can see the full list of universities here.

Some statistics:

  • Annually, the Russell Group universities contribute £87bn to the UK economy
  • They support more than 750,000 jobs across the country
  • Over two-thirds of the UK’s world-leading research is produced at these universities
  • One-third of engineers, four out of five doctors and dentists, and half of physical scientists and mathematicians in the UK are taught at the Russell Group universities
  • More than 76,000 postgraduate international students from 180 different countries are currently studying at member universities – that’s 32% of the student population!

Russell Group universities

If you’ve always dreamed of studying at a top university in the UK, then we at are here to help! We have partnered with 17 of the Russell Group universities, and can assist you in preparing your admission, scholarship and visa documents. Here are some of our partner universities which are ranked within the top-100 institutions in the world!

University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle
Study in historical Edinburgh, home to one of the best Russell Group universities
  • 5th in the UK
  • 20th in the world

The University of Edinburgh is Scotland’s top university, located in the capital city. Amongst its alumni are Prime Ministers of the UK and 3 signatories of the Declaration of Independence! The university was founded in 1582, making it the sixth-oldest university in the English-speaking world and one of Scotland’s ancient universities. There are five main campuses in Edinburgh, including in the historic Old Town. You will study among 35,000 students and 13,000 international students! Edinburgh has 21 academic schools, and teaching is particularly strong in modern languages, linguistics, arts and humanities, and veterinary science.

University of Manchester

University of Manchester main building
Manchester is the largest university in the UK!
  • 6th in the UK
  • 27th in the world

The University of Manchester is the UK’s largest single-site university, and offers an incredible 1,000 degree courses. 32% of students and academic staff are from overseas. Teaching is particularly strong in nursing, pharmacy and pharmacology, and petroleum engineering, and some of the most innovative research is conducted in advanced materials, cancer, energy, and industrial biotechnology. 25 Nobel Laureates are associated with the university, and four currently work there today – more than any other university in the UK. But it’s not all work and no play – students at the University of Manchester can enjoy the city’s famously unique and thriving cultural scene.

University of Bristol

Colourful houses in Bristol
Live in this unique city while you study at the University of Bristol
  • 9th in the UK
  • 58th in the world

Bristol was the first university in the UK to admit male and female students on an equal basis. Over a century later, Bristol remains a pioneering institution. It has made innovations in areas ranging from cot death prevention, to aircraft research, to nanotechnology, and the teaching of geology, geophysics, and earth and marine sciences is extremely highly ranked. 23% of the Bristol student body are international students, and the university invested £1m this year in scholarships for international students. Like Manchester, Bristol is famous for its vibrant and creative cultural life, making it one of the coolest Russell Group universities. What’s more, relaxing nature is not too far away in Wales!

University of Warwick

Warwick Castle
Warwick is a small, historical city with a world-class university
  • 10th in the UK
  • 62nd in the world

Warwick is one of the youngest Russell Group universities, but has quickly become one of the best! 37% of the university’s research is classed as world-leading and a further 50% is rated internationally excellent. Especially strong subjects are statistics, mathematics, and business and management studies. The university is home to a rich community of international students, numbering nearly 10,000 students from 147 countries, and there are many study options to accommodate overseas students. The University of Warwick is located in between Warwick (a market town full of history, including an 11th century castle), and Coventry (one of the most important cities in Medieval England).

University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow main building
Glasgow is one of the best and most beautiful universities in the UK!
  • 11th in the UK
  • 77th in the world

Founded in 1451, Glasgow is the fourth-oldest university in the English-speaking world. Students from over 140 countries study in its four colleges – Arts, Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences, Science and Engineering, and Social Sciences. Glasgow is also one of the most beautiful institutions in the Russell Group – the campus comprises over 100 listed buildings (protected architectural heritage), and you’ll study in a real Victorian castle! The university is currently undergoing a £775m development to expand its campus, and has been awarded nearly £100m for a new medical laboratory, where Glasgow’s cutting-edge research can continue. Glasgow is one of the best student cities in the UK, offering many museums and galleries, 130+ music events each week, and festivals of all kinds.

Durham University

Photograph of the River Wear and Durham Castle
Study in beautiful, historic Durham
  • 12th in the UK
  • 86th in the world

Durham University in the north of England is known as the second-choice university for applicants who did not get into Oxford or Cambridge. Much like Oxbridge, Durham is organised into 17 residential colleges which organise the pastoral, social, and sport life of the university, and provide a close community for those who live there. Over 30% of Durham’s students come from overseas, so you’ll surely be welcome there. There are 26 academic departments, and Durham ranks within the top 10 universities worldwide for theology, divinity and religious studies, geography, Classics, ancient history, and archaeology. Durham is a great city to live in – it has fascinating medieval architecture and is close to Durham Heritage Coast and the North Pennines Area of Natural Beauty.

University of Birmingham

Aerial shot of the University of Birmingham and Old Joe clock tower
Birmingham is the UK’s second-largest and second-most diverse city!
  • 13th in the UK
  • 87th in the world

The University of Birmingham’s cutting-edge work includes research into gravity, Ebola, antibiotics, and the ancient solar system. Its campuses are equally impressive: magnificent Victorian architecture characterises Birmingham’s Edgbaston Campus, and Birmingham is the first UK university to have a campus in Dubai. Not only is Birmingham the UK’s second-largest and second most diverse city, but it is the youngest city in Europe, with under-25s accounting for almost 40% of the population. If you do tire of exploring Birmingham, then no problem – you can reach London in less than 2 hours, or fly to Europe from Birmingham International Airport! And chocolate lovers are in for a treat when they study at this Russell Group university: Birmingham is home to the Cadbury World, where you can take a tour of the famous Cadbury Chocolate Factory (and sample the goods, too).

University of Southampton

Southampton waterfront
Southampton is a vibrant port city in southern England. Image from here
  • 14th in the UK
  • 90th in the world

Southampton is a port city in the south of England. You can study at one of the university’s 6 UK campuses or its Malaysia campus. There are 65 subject areas on offer at Southampton, and teaching of nursing, statistics, and mineral and mining engineering is particularly excellent! The UK is known for its rainy climate, but Southampton is an exception: students at this Russell Group institution will live in one of the warmest and sunniest cities in the country! What’s more, this world-class university is surrounded by stunning nature: the southern English coast, New Forest National Park, and South Downs National Park.

University of Leeds

Corn Exchange, Leeds
Explore the fascinating Victorian architecture of Leeds, like the Leeds Corn Exchange
  • 15th in the UK
  • 91st in the world

The University of Leeds is one of the world’s most international universities – staff and students from 170 countries have made Leeds their home. The university is attended by over 8,000 international students, comprising 20% of its student population, and the PhD and postdoctoral community is especially vibrant. Leeds also offers one of the largest study abroad programmes in the country, with programmes in 45 countries. The University of Leeds has one of the largest campuses in the UK, home to many green spaces and renowned cultural institutions like the Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, the International Concert Series, and the University Library Special Collections. Living in Leeds allows you to easily explore the exciting cities and stunning nature of northern England and Yorkshire, and the rich architecture of the Victorian Quarter gives you a glimpse into the past.

University of Sheffield

Old and new buildings in Sheffield
The University of Sheffield has the no.1 Students’ Union in the UK!
  • 16th in the UK
  • 93rd in the world

Sheffield is a city of excellence: it is the safest major city in the UK, the most creative city after London, and has the no.1 Students’ Union in the Russell Group and in the UK. Particularly pioneering institutions at the university are the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, which unites the world’s top aerospace companies with the Faculty of Engineering, and the state-of-the-art Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience, where ground-breaking research into neurodegenerative diseases is conducted. The University of Sheffield has formed a close partnership with local and international businesses to give you the best opportunities during and after your studies. But it’s not all about city life: Sheffield is located on the edge of the breathtaking Peak District National Park where students can spend their weekends.

University of Nottingham

Trent Building, University of Nottingham
The University of Nottingham has one of the UK’s most beautiful campuses
  • 18th in the UK
  • 99th in the world

The University of Nottingham has campuses in England, Malaysia and China. Over 40,000 students attend these three world-class institutions, 20% of whom are overseas students. Students of medicine, pharmacy and pharmacology receive particularly excellent education, and train at Queen’s Medical Centre (the second-largest hospital in the country) which is managed by the university. Nottingham’s University Park campus is one of the most beautiful and green campuses in the UK, and Nottingham itself is rich in green space and cultural and historical monuments. Nottingham is also home to another university, Nottingham Trent, giving the city an incredibly lively atmosphere!


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