5 Best Places for Indian Students to Study Abroad

Jan 24 20

More and more Indian students are aiming to study abroad every year. According to the newest numbers published by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, more than 750,000 Indian students were studying abroad in 2018. In terms of the number of outbound students studying abroad, India is second only to China. And this popularity among Indians is reasonable: education abroad is a gateway to the kingdom of fruitful opportunities, worldwide network and sustainable fundament for the future career path. Perspective students are wanted by many universities in hundreds of countries, and many of them are offering really great study programs. Today Aplic.io has prepared the article which answers to the question: what are the best study abroad destinations for Indian students?

The USA 🇺🇸

The USA is the most popular educational destination for Indians, as many Indian students already voted by feet

According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, the USA is the most popular educational destination for Indian students: almost 150 thousand Indians went there looking for tertiary education in 2017. The amount of Indian students in the United States is the second biggest after the Chinese. This country is so attractive education destination for many reasons. The USA is a worldly recognized educational provider, schools are perfectly equipped, labs are full of the most innovative machines and reagents.

Just take a look at, for example, Ball State University or Oregon State University with their programs in Biology and Chemistry! Be sure, you’ll find everything you need for successful research. The teaching staff of American universities deserves special attention. In this country, a Nobel laureate, a famous professor or practitioner can be your teacher. It’s easy to be the best when you learn from the best.

And, moreover, plenty of famous global brands are located here, which creates great internships opportunity. Depending on the state and university, prices also can be quite affordable for Indian students.

Australia 🇦🇺

Australia is the great place to study and it’s just around the corner for Indians

Australia is another great place for Indian students. First of all, it’s a geographically reachable destination for Indians. Secondly, in recent years, Australian universities reliably fixed on high lines of world ratings of higher educational institutions. The quality of education is controlled by the state and universities, in turn, offer a huge selection of programs from business to engineering.

For example, Australia-International Institute of Workplace Training, located in student-friendly and cozy Perth, offers cool programs in management and related fields, while Charles Darwin University will be a perfect choice for those Indian students who are interested in medical-related fields.

The level of living here is pretty high, but living expenses and tuition fees can be easily covered if you use your right to work 20 hours per week. Considering the fact, that English is the main language in Australia, finding a student job here is not a huge challenge for Indian students.

Canada 🇨🇦

In Canada, you can easily combine the best education with unique life experience

Another magnificent destination is Canada. UNESCO states that with over 32,000 students from India, it’s the third the most popular country for getting education for Indian students. Although being admitted to a Canadian university and getting a visa could be slightly challenging, it’s definitely worth it! Leaving aside the great quality of education here, life experience in Canada for Indian people is going to be amazing. Another climate and weather, general culture, food features going to be a nice adventure – and most likely life-changing experience. Canadian universities have programs which will fit any taste and needs, and learning outcomes will provide a good fundament for future work or academic career.

United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Classical education with a worldwide reputation – this is what students in England seek and find

Of course, one cannot fail to mention England on this list, whose universities historically have a reputation as the most prestigious and attractive educational institutions in the world. English traditions and teaching methods undoubtedly guarantee not just a diploma, but the highest level of knowledge. And it is appreciated all over the world and opens many paths. As in Australia, the official language of the country makes adaptation and life here much more comfortable for Indian students.

2018/2019 was marked with a 42% increase in the number of Indian students studying in the UK compared to the previous year. While China still has sent more students to the UK than any other country, it was Indian students who made the largest contribution to the statistics concerning the rise in the number of international students in general.

In the UK you’ll definitely find a perfect school for you. Interested in Medicine or Engineering? Then you should definitely check the programs of Swansea University! Aiming for a more humanitarian education? We highly recommend going through offering by Anglia Ruskin University or The University of Sheffield. For sure, the list of cool universities isn’t limited by these, find a full range of educational opportunities in England here.

Germany 🇩🇪

Studying in Germany, you’ll in be the center of everything

Another attractive European destination for Indian students is Germany. Located in the middle of Europe, it’s a center of great education, nice events, and social life, as well as a country famous for its high standards. And educational high standards are also included in the list. One of the main advantages of education in Germany is the practical orientation of programs (as, for example, at the IUBH University of Applied Sciences). Thus, as a result, you have not only a diploma confirming knowledge, but the ability to apply this same knowledge.


A good education is one of the prerequisites for a successful future. Education abroad guarantees not only the quality of knowledge but also experience, communication, and comprehensive personal development. If you are serious about studying abroad, you might be interested to see what scholarships Indian students can count on. In any case, remember that education abroad is real if you really want it and make enough effort. And Aplic.io is here to help you make admission even easier and more affordable.

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