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The countries of Europe do not only boast rich history and culture. They are also home to hundreds of universities with unique and high-quality education programmes, training generations of world leaders. Many European universities even have whole faculties in English, and invite students from all over the world to study with them. While this sounds like a dream, the tuition fees charged can be off-putting to international students. However, studying in Europe for free can become a reality. How? By winning a scholarship in Europe!

Why apply for a scholarship in Europe?

As well as being home to diverse cultures and universities, Europe offers a variety of scholarships. Some are available for applicants from specific countries, some require work experience, and others are aimed at students with groundbreaking research ideas. You just need to look for the scholarship which suits you! Read on to discover some great scholarships in Europe which are awarded by governments or organisations. With such scholarships you are not tied to one particular institution, and can study at a reduced cost (or even for free!) in a wide range of universities.

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degrees

Earth in a magnifying glass illustration
Where in the world will you go?

For whom: International students who want to study at master’s level

What does it cover: Tuition fees and university costs, monthly living allowance, contribution towards travelling expenses. Non-EU students receive larger scholarships

Erasmus Mundus isn’t just a scholarship. It is a unique integrated study programme that lasts from 12 to 24 months, during which you earn a master’s degree from multiple universities. Specialisations are offered in many fields, from cinematography to infectious diseases. Every semester you attend a new university of your choice, depending on your specialisation. One of the programme requirements is to stay in at least two different countries during your studies – these include countries in the EU and EEA, as well as in Asia and Latin America! To apply, applicants must have obtained their first higher education degree.

Commonwealth Scholarship for International Students (UK)

London illustration
Study in the UK with the Commonwealth Scholarship!

For whom: Citizens of Commonwealth countries studying a master’s degree or PhD degree in a certain field

What does it cover: Airfare plus mid-term visit home, tuition fees, living allowance, study travel grants and fieldwork grants, family allowance

The Commonwealth Scholarship is the UK’s primary scholarship scheme. It is one of the most generous scholarships offered in Europe and in the UK, helping around 800 students from low and middle-income families to pursue postgraduate courses every year, and funding students for the entire duration of their course.

Applicants must be studying courses related to British international development goals. Relevant directions include science and technology for development, health systems, promoting global prosperity, strengthening global peace, security, governance and crisis response, or access, inclusion, and opportunity. You can study at any UK university in the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, which includes the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, and many other beautiful UK universities!

DAAD Master Studies for All Academic Disciplines (Germany)

Neuschwanstein Castle illustration
Study in Germany with the DAAD Scholarship!

For whom: Applicants from all over the world studying a master’s degree

What does it cover: 861 euros per month, travel allowance and insurance. Depending on circumstances, rent subsidy and family allowance are also covered. Tuition fees are not covered

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers many funding possibilities for international students. One of them is a scholarship for master’s studies in any academic discipline at a German state university. The scholarship is available for a maximum of four semesters (24 months). Students who are already in their first year of study may apply for the scholarship to cover their second year. Whilst tuition fees in Germany were abolished in 2014, the state of Baden-Wurttemburg opted out, therefore students studying here must be able to cover their tuition fees.

The scholarship criteria include outstanding academic achievements, a quality study project, and a good reason for choosing Germany. You must also demonstrate proficiency in German and/or English (DAAD may also fund your participation in a preparatory language course).

Orange Tulip Scholarship (The Netherlands)

Windmill and tulips
Visit the Dutch tulip fields when you study in the Netherlands!

For whom: Students from Brazil, Russia, India, China, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, South Africa and Vietnam studying a master’s or bachelor’s

What does it cover: Partial or full coverage of tuition fees and, in some cases, the cost of living, visa, and insurance

Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS) is a Dutch scholarship programme for citizens of certain countries. The peculiarity of the programme is that it combines many different scholarships offered by different universities. Each Dutch university independently decides to participate in the OTS programme, determines the number of scholarships and the amount awarded, and which academic levels and faculties they apply to. In this regard, OTS scholarships from different universities can partially or fully cover the cost of tuition, and in some cases, can also cover the cost of living, visa, and insurance.

Aside from citizenship, the general requirements include an English language certificate (IELTS or TOEFL), age restrictions (an applicant should be 18-35 years old for most courses) and you must not be studying or working in the Netherlands. Each university has the right to establish additional requirements and deadlines.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists

Mountains illustration
The ideal scholarship to study in stunning Switzerland!

For whom: young researchers from 180 countries who have completed a master’s or PhD, or artists from select countries who have completed a bachelor’s degree

What does it cover: a monthly stipend of 1,920 Swiss Francs, health insurance, return flight ticket, transportation cost, trips and sightseeing tours

The Swiss government has been awarding these generous scholarships since 1961! There are two types of scholarship available: the Research Scholarship for postgraduate researchers with at least a master’s degree; and the Art Scholarship for artists with a bachelor’s degree. Both scholarships cover the duration of the research stay or project (12-36 months).

Applicants should have a quality candidate profile, original research proposal or artistic project, and show future potential. Candidates for the Research Scholarship must contact an academic supervisor at their desired institution and receive a scholarship nomination from them.

Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals 

Map of Sweden
Do you want to study in Sweden?

For whom: Citizens from certain countries in Africa, Asia, or Latin America studying a master’s course

What does it cover: Fully coverage of tuition fees, a monthly grant of SEK 10,000 for living expenses, travel grant of SEK 15,000, and insurance

Since Sweden is dedicated to global positive changes and acts as a socially responsible country, it offers 400 scholarships to master’s students from developing world regions. The goal of such an investment is to prepare professionals who’ll become leaders of changes and facilitate the development of their home countries. So if you’re ready to share this mission and have evidence of your potential, apply for the Swedish Institute Scholarship!

You must have 3,000 hours of demonstrated employment, including leadership experience. Priority will be given to candidates studying and working in fields related to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. You must be studying one of 600 eligible programmes taught in English, and demonstrate your English language proficiency.

The Holland Scholarship

Amsterdam, Canal, Storm, City, Sky, Netherlands
Win a scholarship to study in stunning Amsterdam

For whom: non-EEA applicants aiming to study at bachelor’s or master’s level

What does it cover: a one-off grant of € 5,000

The Holland Scholarship provides funding for applicants who want to study at a Dutch higher education institution. The scholarship is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and by dozens of participating universities – you’ll be spoilt for choice! Successful applicants will receive a one-off payment of €5,000 in their first year.

The universities independently establish the scholarship criteria, fields of study and deadlines. Approved programmes of study to win this scholarship vary hugely, from Archaeology at Leiden University, to a degree at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, to a Bachelor of Circus and Performing Arts at Fontys University! Applicants are assessed on their academic performance and extracurricular activities, and must never before have studied a degree in the Netherlands.


These are just a few of the life-changing scholarships in Europe available to you on the platform. We are ready to help you with your application and make it easier to win the scholarship of your dreams! You can access 1:1 consultations with our expert mentors, consult instructions and checklists to complete your paperwork, get help with university and scholarship applications, and so much more. Let your university dream start here!

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