Why Applying Abroad With Aplic.io?

Nov 27 19

Simple, effective, reliable. Aplic.io helps to make your dream about foreign studies truth.

If you’re considering studying abroad, then you’ve noticed that even program search and checking requirements isn’t that easy. There’re so many cool universities and fruitful study tracks! It’s literally the ocean of opportunities and one must not drown in it.

But wait, finding perfectly suitable programs is just half of the way. The next step could be even more tricky: applying process is so various for different universities. On the one hand, the diversity of deadlines, set of documents and requirements make the head spinning around. On the other hand, you should submit the same basic documents like ID and a language certificate everywhere each time.

Aplic.io is a digital platform that facilitates searching for university and applying process.

However, it’s too early to give up the idea of ​​trying your chances to study abroad. All these exciting messes are waiting for you if you’re applying conventional way, via universities’ websites and each school separately. Luckily, there’s a modern way that doesn’t let you get lost in the diversity of requirements and drown into the swamp of paper routine – digital platforms. Aplic.io is one of the most convenient, and now you’ll know why you should apply with us (just not realize it yet).

What is Aplic.io for?

“The Aplic platform is not simply a recruiting platform, but a bridge connecting students to colleges, universities, and top employers from around the world. It offers students, admissions offices, and hiring managers a one-stop application and skill verification tool.”

Inna Bogdanova, CEO and founder of Aplic.io.

Saying long thing short, Aplic.io is a digital platform that facilitates searching for university and applying process. You can use filters (for example, country, size of tuition fee, level of studies) to find programs and scholarships that suit your level and desires. When finding nice options, apply for them here just in a few clicks (more details further). Aplic.io is here to help you save time and resources. And yes, it’s fully free for you as long as you make the application on your own.

How can I find programs there?

On the main page, you can find a searching tool where you put all your requirements like price and field of study. It allows you to see only suitable programs and not wasting time analyzing piles of ones in which you’re not interested.

The structure of program descriptions on Aplic.io is the same for all universities. It makes the comparison of different programs much more simple for you. Entrance requirements, the main features of programs and universities are there and clear for perception. Comparing with manual programs search on universities’ own websites, it’s much easier because there every school organizes data in own unique way. Often it takes time to figure out the logic and grab necessary details.

One more cool thing is that similar programs are listed just below one which seems to be nice. So overall, if you find one cool study track, simultaneously you’re finding a batch of programs that are potentially suitable for you. For sure check them, sometimes you can discover something really beautiful in the cause at the bottom of the page.

If you’re still not sure about your destination or field of studies, you always can have a look at the Aplic.io Blog page. We prepared a lot of material which can help you with your choice and give many tips for preparing, applying and moving to a new country.

The main advantage of the digital platform is that it makes the application process itself easier. Much easier

Why it’s so convenient to apply via Aplic.io?

The main advantage of the digital platform is that it makes the application process itself easier. Much easier.

When using Aplic.io, you just need to upload all basic documents to your account. Passport, IELTS or TOEFL, previous degree certificate, basic personal details are required everywhere, and they are always the same. Filling in the identical questionnaires every now and again is super annoying. When applying via your Aplic.io profile, you can avoid this monotonous entertainment. Attach them once – and they automatically will be there in all your applications. With this advantage, you can easily apply for more programs because you have more time for searching instead of paperwork.

But take into account that you have to write motivation letters separately for all chosen programs, even if you’re applying via a digital platform. But even in this case, we’ll help you! Aplic.io will support you in writing your motivation letter!

Is it safe? Why should I trust you?

We feel that you may have a concern that applying via the university website is more reliable though more labor-intensive.

However, we can guarantee you that using the platform is absolutely safe and equally effective as a traditional way of applying. Aplic.io has partnerships with universities presented on the platform. You can be sure that your application is absolutely full-fledged and equal to others when you’re applying with us.

Furthermore, Aplic has domain “io” and it’s registered in Canada, which is the fourth safest country in the world. These two factors will ensure the safety of your personal information.

Free and Paid Services

On the Aplic platform, you can use free and paid services. You can submit documents via the platform yourself (which isn’t difficult) or you can entrust your program admission, scholarship winning and visa obtaining to professionals like us, thereby significantly increase your success chances. We’re aware of the responsibility you’re facing and are ready to take it upon ourselves.

Till now, our team has helped thousands of students to enter foreign universities. Furthermore, Aplic has huge experience in applying for different types of visas.

In addition to impeccable visa processing, we’ll help you to conquer the hearts of the university admissions committee, choose the best accommodation and become a scholarship holder. To do this, we tentatively assess your chances and draw up an individual admission plan for you. Write to us, we’ll be happy to help!


To conclude, with Aplic.io you use time and energy more effectively. A digital platform is a tool that makes your application simpler and studies abroad more reachable.

Technologies are here to help as. Aplic.io is here to make your dreams about studying abroad truth.

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