Why Study in New Zealand?

Nov 13 19

The decision of the country to study abroad isn’t an easy one. There are so many things to consider, there are thousands of excellent universities, interesting countries, and diverse cultures to discover. Today we’ll tell about the place that won’t leave indifferent anybody – New Zealand. Studying in New Zealand means the highest quality of teaching at affordable prices in the most exotic English-speaking country in the world. New Zealand is an ideal destination for those who are looking for memorable student years.

Classy education

It’s well known to all that all the universities of New Zealand are among the top universities in the world. In total there are 8 universities in New Zealand (University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology, University of Canterbury, Lincoln University, Massey University, University of Otago, Waikato University and Victoria University of Wellington). As you can see we have partnership agreements with most of New Zealandian universities, which means Aplic is your way to study in Kiwi country 😎.

New Zealand is the place where many popular films were produced. It even became the center of Tolkien tourism.

All the universities in New Zealand high-quality education which meets the highest international standards. This quality is closely linked with an emphasis on practice. You’ll have about 15 hours of theoretical and practical studies and 15 hours of personal work every week. This pedagogy significantly boosts the chances of acquiring the desired job in the labor market both in New Zealand and internationally. Each institution maintains its student community and thus offers a truly individualized supervision and many activities.

Another advantage is that the universities there offer a broad spectrum of study programs, from the most common (business, international trade) to very specific such as film production. The last one is extremely attractive, since the country has become a platform for the trilogy The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, King Kong, The Last Samurai and many other famous films.

In every university of New Zealand you’ll find hundreds of student associations such as sports, cultural, scientific, that won’t make you ever feel bored.

You’ll have the chance to discover the most exotic existing, indigenous civilization which is free from European influence and mentality – the Maori culture.

A warm welcome by the kiwis and the chance to discover a rich and varied culture

In general people of New Zealand are very polite, friendly and welcoming people. There are different communities and confessions living in peace and prosperity in New Zealand. For this reason, you’ll have no problems integrating into this society as well as learn other cultures while studying.

And also, when it comes to discovering cultures, you’ll have the chance to discover the most exotic existing, indigenous civilization which is free from European influence and mentality – the Maori culture. Did you know that the Haka that precedes the New Zealand rugby matches was originally a tribal dance designed to frighten their opponents and make them lose his vital strength?

Noteworthy, New Zealanders are curious about everything and will ask you what reasons bring you to New Zealand. You’ll be welcomed with open arms. In your daily life, if you’re bored and need help, Kiwis (endonym used to call people in NZ 😄) will be kind enough to help you.

Breathtaking landscapes and cool weather

Let’s remember that New Zealand is mainly composed of two large islands with a very varied and very livable climate. Between its magnificent beaches, lakes and fjords, amazing flora, its rugged mountains, its glaciers, and its volcanoes, you can be sure that beautiful discoveries await you. That’s why more and more big cinema productions choose their landscapes as filming places!

New Zealand is recognized as a true green paradise. Milford Sound

Thanks to its subtropical climate, the adaptation to the climatic changes won’t take too much time. Thanks to the meek weather, in New Zealand, everyone is happy all year round! Recognized as a true green paradise, it’s the favorite destination for Australian tourists looking to escape the sultry heat of their summers. The micro-climates make it a rich destination: snow, mountains with lakes for bathing, palm trees, and beaches. Some people say you can live there 4 seasons in the same day!

As in the case of Australia, the New Zealand authorities are very sensitive to the protection of their fauna and flora. There are many plants and animals that are endemic, viz can’t be found anywhere else. Don’t miss to come across the most amazing bird: kiwi!

Safety and quality of life

New Zealand is the happiest and most peaceful country in the world, whether you choose to study in Auckland, Wellington or anywhere else. New Zealand is a country, with an unemployment rate of less than 2%. There isn’t a doubt if you graduate from a university there you’ll find a job that suits your results and expectations!

The daily life is very sweet, the population lives with openness and integrity, respecting the values of each one. Complaining in New Zealand? Forget it. Everyone is doing their best to make the day run smoothly and stress-free. Going to study in New Zealand is like taking a sweet break.

If you like to spend hours on public transport or in traffic jams, you can go your way: studying in New Zealand isn’t for you! New Zealand has a population of about 5 million and for comparison, the United Kingdom has a population of over 65 million! So per square meter, you have a better chance of encountering a sheep rather than a human being. 😃 You can also have your own sheep if you want. In New Zealand, there are 33.9 million sheep, 9.7 million cows, 1.2 million deer. 🐑🐄🦌

Outdoor activities: a great adventure!

If you choose to study in New Zealand you’ll have many activities close to nature (depending on the season: mountain biking, surfing, rugby, kayaking, hiking, climbing, camping, etc.). New Zealand is best known for its passion for rugby, which is considered the best in the world. Some other popular sports here are football, basketball, and cricket. By studying in New Zealand, you’ll have a chance to improve your sporting achievements due to very strong sports academies and communities in universities.

In NZ you have a better chance of encountering a sheep rather than a human being.

In general, studying in New Zealand is a great plus for your resume that will help you stand out in the eyes of recruiters once you graduate!

Boost your resume and work

New Zealand’s student visa allows you to work. If you’re enrolled in the baccalaureate, you can work for 20 hours during the school week and full-time during the school holidays. In a Master’s or Ph.D., you can work full-time, even during the course weeks. A great way to finance your study abroad expenditures once you get there! And if upon the graduation of your studies in New Zealand you want to stay in the country to work, the special post-study work visas allow you to work for 1 to 3 years there!

New Zealand is a unique country in many ways. It’s the place which has long attracted lovers of nature and extreme sports. It has an important place on the international scene thanks to a well-known film industry, strong tourism development and #1 place for business activity (Forbes 2018 ranking). Computing, engineering, and construction sectors are also very promising. All these fields
So, dear friends, to you to make the right choice and really know what you need. Don’t miss this opportunity to realize yourself through New Zealand.

If you want to study in New Zealand but don’t know where to start from, we’re glad to announce that an association of professionals, visa experts, and technicians have set up Aplic, a free global platform in cooperation with New Zealand institutions. Aplic.io brings together all the best universities in New Zealand and streamlines its international students’ enrollment processes. You’ll find lots of programs, requirements, and other useful information about studying abroad. Sign up and you’ll be one step closer to education in New Zealand!

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