How to study in the UAE? And how much will it cost?

May 24 21

Studying in the UAE has a number of advantages. There’s a high percentage of international students and teaching staff, and English is the main language of instruction. Also, many British and American universities have their branches in the UAE, which, on the one hand, makes it possible to obtain a diploma from a British or American university, and on the other hand, makes it much cheaper.

How to apply for a Bachelor’s program?

The good news is, you don’t need to take any foundation or pathway courses to apply to the UAE universities! To study in the UAE, you are required to have completed a secondary level education and have a school leaving certificate confirming you are eligible to apply to university. As always, you’re also required to take language tests. The official language of the UAE is Arabic, but there are many universities offering programs that are taught entirely in English. Moreover, locals have good knowledge of the language, so international students should have no trouble communicating.

UAE University
UAE University is the country’s flagship university that offers many internationally accredited programs

To sum up, the requirements are as follows:

  • Completion of Grade 12 Certificate, or its equivalent
  • Language test(s) (if you plan to study in English: IELTS, TOEFL; if you plan to study in Arabic: EmSAT Arabic, or its equivalent)

You usually don’t have to take any additional tests, but it’s best to contact your future university for its full list of entry requirements.

How to apply for a Master’s program?

In order to be accepted for graduate studies, you need to present a Bachelor’s degree from UAE university or equivalent. You’re usually required to hold a four-year Bachelor’s degree! Consider that universities in the UAE have a high standard for academic admission, and students entering have to show high markings on all of their courses. 

You also need to provide English or Arabic language certificates: IELTS/TOEFL or EmSAT Arabic (or its equivalent). 

No additional tests are required*

*But some graduate degree programs may require additional specific admissions requirements, so make sure to check this information on the university website or on our platform.

Additional requirements may include a motivational letter or recommendation letters. 

To learn more about admission requirements in the UAE universities please visit our platform.

Study masters in the UAS
If you’re a student in the UAE, you’ll be alongside some very serious, intelligent students from all over

Your budget to study in the UAE

The costs of living in the UAE will vary depending on the emirate you’re living in and your lifestyle, but here are the average numbers.

Tuition fees

As always, tuition fees vary depending on the university and chosen specialty. Typically, prices start at $5,000 and go up to $12,000 per year. Medical specialties are the most expensive: the annual tuition fees can be $20,000 – $30,000.

Cost of living

Student accommodation is more accessible than private housing in the UAE, but it’s important to consider that some universities will have a limited number of student housing facilities. On average, the numbers range from $400 to $1,200 per month.

Additional expenses include:
– Food expenses: $250 – $350 per month, depending on lifestyle
– Transportation: ~$70 per month
– Medical insurance + entertainment: ~$150 – $250 per month

Study in Dubai
Dubai has some of the biggest universities, and some of the most spectacular historical and cultural landmarks in the world

As you can see, studying in the UAE can be quite expensive, but the good news is that international students can apply for a work permit in the UAE and can attain a job to help fund their study abroad journey!

Does this all sound interesting to you? Great! It’s time to pick your future university! Follow the link to learn more about universities in the UAE and apply abroad without leaving the platform!

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