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Mar 05 20

Are you dreaming of studying abroad at an affordable price? Then our article is for you! With the modern diversity of foreign universities and colleges to study abroad, this is very possible!

Students who are afraid of studying abroad because of assumed high tuition fees aren’t right. There are many universities with affordable tuition fees. There you can also get the same classy diploma and prestigious education. Being a millionaire isn’t a prerequisite for studying abroad! 😉

Here are some affordable, but popular English-taught universities to study abroad!

Brigham Young University – USA

Brigham Young University. From the Instagram page

Thanks to extensive external funding, Brigham Young University boasts with an affordable tuition fee for both local and international students who came to study abroad.

This university offers a lot of certificate programs, programs for associate and bachelor degrees. At the same time, the university is multidisciplinary. You can study a variety of disciplines, from linguistics and pedagogy to business, engineering, and archaeology.

The picturesque campus of the institution will also allow you to lead an active lifestyle.

📌 Estimated tuition fee: $ 3,750 per year.

Budapest Metropolitan University (BMU)-Hungary

Budapest Metropolitan University. From the Instagram page

Budapest Metropolitan University is continuously ranked among the top 30 universities in Hungary. Students from more than 75 countries study here. Together with affordable tuition fees, students are attracted by a broad choice of study programs. They include such fields as Business, Tourism, Social Sciences, Art, and Public Relations.

The University has a broad network contracts with 800 partner organizations (not a single university in Hungary can boast of such a number!). Besides, BMU provides unique practices, internships, and practical projects to all its students.

In addition, the Faculty of Arts at BMU was recognized as the largest art school in Hungary. Its students can study in such fields as Illustration, Graphic Design, Photography, Media Design.

📌 Estimated tuition fee: € 2,300 per year.

Technische Universität (TU Dresden) – Germany

TU Dresden. From the Instagram page

To begin with, Dresden Technical University is one of the largest and most famous technical universities in Germany, with about 40,000 enrolled students. Despite that, the university’s tuition fees remain very affordable!

The university consists of 14 faculties. For most of the students studying abroad in the heart of picturesque Dresden would be a dream. Most of the studies in TY Dresden are conducted in the center of lovely Dresden! Only the Faculty of Forestry, Land and Water Management is located outside the city, on the territory of forestry.

In this university, you can study a broad variety of subjects. And all these programs are taught for more than affordable tuition fees!

📌 Estimated tuition fee: € 1,000 per year

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) – South Korea

KAIST. Taken from the Instagram page

KAIST is a leading scientific and technical research university in South Korea. Korea is the country that achieved significant technological progress in the last years. Therefore, entering there, you’ll learn about the most innovative technologies developed in Korea! 😊

Besides, you can participate in numerous dual programs, student exchange programs and internships abroad. This is possible due to KAIST’s close partnership with leading universities around the world. Those countries include the USA, Denmark, and Germany.

Apart from technical subjects, KAIST provides quality education in many areas. Despite the status of South Korea as an expensive country, tuition fees at KAIST are very reasonable.

📌 Estimated tuition fee: $ 3,200 per year.

University of Leoben – Austria

University of Leoben – Austria. From the Instagram page

The University of Leoben is located in the historic Austrian city of Leoben. It specializes in education in the field of mining, metallurgy and materials science. Also, the university is traditionally among the top 5% of the best universities in the world.

Moreover, the university is part of TU Austria, an association of the three best technological universities in the country. It offers quality education in the above disciplines, as well as in mathematics, information technology, electronics, and economics at an affordable cost. Above all, they don’t require sky-high tuition fees for studying abroad.

📌 Estimated tuition fee: € 1,400 per year.

Anglo-American University (AAU) – Czech Republic

Anglo-American University. From the Instagram page

AAU is one of the leading private universities in the Czech Republic. Despite being a private university, the tuition fees here stay moderately affordable. The language of education is English.

The campus of AAU is located in the center of Prague, which is one of the most favorite directions among tourists.

The University majorly specializes in social sciences. Some faculties you can study there are Business and Administration, Social and Human Sciences, Diplomacy, Law, and Journalism. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to study abroad at partner institutions in America and Europe (as part of the Erasmus program).

📌 Estimated tuition fee: € 4,000 per year.

University of Malta – Malta

The University of Malta. From the Instagram page

The University of Malta is one of the oldest European universities and top study abroad destinations for international students. It traces its roots from 1592. The university offers students a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.

Courses in the University are delivered only in English. The University boats with a truly international spirit, since students from 92 countries are studying here. In addition, the university was highly ranked by Times Higher Education.

The specialties here range from very specific to the traditional. For instance, you can obtain a BA in Arabic or Latin American studies. Campuses are located in the beautiful picturesque buildings. For instance, The Valletta Campus is housed in the ancient building, which dates back to 1592. This gives inspiration!

📌 Estimated tuition fee: € 6400 per year

University of Luxembourg – Luxembourg

Univerisity of Luxembourg. From the Instagram page

The University of Luxembourg is one of the most prestigious institutions to study abroad in Europe. It combines several institutes, providing complete higher education.

The university is multilingual, as studies take place in French, German and English. The main focus of the university isn’t professional training, but scientific work and training of future scientists. Due to its wide international relations, students in most specialties study abroad for at least a semester at universities in other countries.

In general, the choice of specialties at your disposal are diverse. The faculties range from the faculty of law, economics, and finance to literature, humanities, art, and education. Noteworthy is the location of the campus: it’s located in a beautiful picturesque castle! This gives the inspiration to study abroad here!

📌 Estimated tuition fee: $ 1,000 per year.


To conclude, I emphasize that studying abroad isn’t necessarily costly pleasure. There are many universities with affordable tuition fees. The main thing is to learn the language well and strive to achieve your goal. Very important is to submit your application perfectly and earlier than others.

Furthermore, if you timely clarify the conditions for studying abroad and submit applications on time, then there’s a real chance to get additional scholarships from the host government! Remember, only you decide where you want to study abroad, not the obstacles!

If you want to ensure your entrance to a university, we’re waiting for you at our platform. Here you’ll find thousands of programs all around the world. Besides, we’ll help you to enter a program of your dreams by preparing your resume, helping to attain a visa and win a scholarship! Text us!

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