Why Apply to Study Abroad with Aplic.io?

Nov 27 19

Simple, effective, and reliable, applying with Aplic.io helps to make your study abroad dreams come true.

If you’re considering studying abroad, then you’ll have noticed that even searching for programmes isn’t that easy. There are just so many great universities and fruitful study tracks in this ocean of opportunities, that it’s hard not to drown!

Finding the perfect programme to suit you is just half of the journey. The next step of applying to university is even more tricky. The application process varies for different universities, and the range of deadlines and requirements is enough to make your head spin. And even when you apply via separate university websites, you have to submit the same documents like ID, qualifications, and language certificates every single time!

However, this should not put you off the idea of ​​studying abroad. Luckily for you, there’s a new way to apply that doesn’t let you get lost in the forest of requirements and drown into the swamp of paperwork: digital platforms. Aplic.io is one of the most convenient digital platforms available for international students like you, and now you’ll find out why you should apply with Aplic.io to study abroad – you just haven’t realised it yet!

What is Aplic.io for?

Aplic.io is a digital platform that facilitates searching and applying for university and scholarships

The Aplic platform is not simply a recruiting platform, but a bridge connecting students to colleges, universities, and top employers from around the world. It offers students, admissions offices, and hiring managers a one-stop application and skill verification tool.

– Inna Bogdanova, CEO and founder of Aplic.io.

Essentially, Aplic.io is a digital platform that streamlines and simplifies searching and applying for universities and scholarships. You can easily find programmes and scholarships that suit your needs and desires, and then apply for them in just a few clicks. Aplic.io is here to help you save time and resources. And yes, the majority of our services are fully free as long as you make the applications on your own. Let us tell you about applying with Aplic.io to study abroad.

Aplic.io in facts and figures

Aplic.io gives access to:

  • $22bn of scholarships
  • 50,000+ programmes
  • 2,000+ universities in 34 countries
  • 1,000+ mentors from 60+ countries
  • 35+ study abroad experts

Aplic.io’s users:

  • Are a global ecosystem of 53,000+ students
  • Come from 109 countries
  • Won over $5m in scholarships
  • Received 1,500+ offers from top universities
  • Achieved 120+ Ivy League offers

How can I find programmes, universities, and scholarships on Aplic.io?

Our digital platform makes the application process much easier

On Aplic.io’s programme, university, and scholarship search pages, you can find filter tools to input all your requirements. Search filters include country, study level, school and degree type, tuition fee, and scholarship coverage. This allows you to see only suitable results and not waste your time searching through endless irrelevant information.

Every school organises data in its own unique way, and with a manual search on different university websites it takes time to figure out the necessary details. In comparison, Aplic.io makes this much simpler. The structure of descriptions on Aplic.io is the same for all universities and programmes, making it easy to compare them. Entrance requirements, the main features of programmes and universities, the tuition fee, career opportunities, and more, are all there for you to see.

It can be even harder to manually search for scholarships. Scholarships are not only offered by universities, but by governments and other organisations which are not advertised on university websites! Applying with Aplic.io gives you access to all kinds of scholarships in one place.

If you’re still not sure about your destination or field of study, you should have a look at the Aplic.io blog, Twitter, and Instagram pages. We’ve written a lot of material which can help you with your choice of programme, scholarship, university and country, give many tips for preparing, applying and moving abroad, and update you with the latest study abroad and visa news.

Why is it so convenient to apply with Aplic.io?

screenshot of Aplic profile
Apply for programmes and scholarships with just one profile!

The main advantage of our digital platform is that it makes the application process itself easier. Much easier.

Filling in identical questionnaires on every university platform is monotonous and time consuming. When you apply with Aplic.io, you just make one single profile. Then, you upload all your documents to your account, and they will automatically be attached to all your applications. Now, you can spend more time time searching and applying for programmes instead of filling out paperwork!

On the toolbar at the side of your profile, you can see your ‘favourite’ programmes, universities, and scholarships, and track all of your applications. No more bookmarking hundreds of different websites, trying to remember where you saw that dream course, and which university has a deadline this week! You can also sign up for Aplic.io’s services – Admission Package and Scholarship Package – and for the Admission Helper and Scholarship Helper.

How can we help with your applications?

Girl with laptop in front of American flag
Aplic.io’s experts will help with university and scholarship applications!

Like we said earlier, finding your dream course is just half of the journey. Then, you need to apply! Luckily for you, Aplic.io will support you all the way.

We have two services to assist with your university applications and help you conquer the hearts of the university admissions committee.

Our Admission Helper is your digital personal assistant guiding you through the application process. It includes:

  • A step-by-step guide of the study abroad application
  • Video instructions on how to prepare your admission and visa documents
  • Sample motivation letters, essays, and study plans
  • 1:1 consultations with study abroad experts in your native language
  • Suggested accommodation options
  • Admission chances evaluation and application review

Our Admission Package is the next step up. It includes:

  • Dedicated professional counsellor
  • Programme matching, shortlisting, and decision counselling
  • Student Profile evaluation
  • Guided school applications (up to 10)
  • Essay review (up to 10)
  • Final Application Review (up to 10)

We also have two services to assist with your scholarship applications.

Our Scholarship Helper provides everything you need to get a scholarship, all in one place. It includes:

  • A step-by-step guide through the scholarship application process
  • Video instructions on preparing your documents
  • Types of scholarships and how to win them
  • Examples of essays, recommendation letters, and CVs
  • 1:1 consultations with a Scholarship Expert in your native language
  • Mentoring from winners of major scholarships
  • Application evaluation and strategy

Our Scholarship Package takes this one step further. It includes:

  • Scholarship Matching
  • Dedicated Scholarship Advisor
  • Scholarship profile evaluation and documents review
  • Scholarship applications (up to 10)
  • Review and editing of your essays

Is it safe? Why should I trust you?

People thinking
Aplic.io has partnerships with thousands of universities

You may think that applying via the university website is more reliable, albeit more labour-intensive.

However, Aplic.io has partnerships with all the universities presented on the platform. We can guarantee you that using the platform is as safe and effective as the traditional way of applying, and you can be sure that your application is reviewed as equally as applications made through the university website.

Aplic.io has the domain name .io – which has become very widely used in the tech industry. Furthermore, Aplic.io is registered in Canada, which is one of the safest countries in the world. These two factors will ensure the safety of your personal information.

Free and paid services when applying with Aplic.io

Graduate holding diploma and Canadian flag
We offer free and paid services at Aplic.io!

On the Aplic.io platform, you can use free and paid services. Registering, creating your profile, searching for programmes and scholarships, and submitting applications yourself is completely free.

Alternatively, you can entrust your programme admission, scholarship chances, and visa applications to professionals like us. The assistance of Aplic.io’s experts and Scholarship and Admission services mentioned above are paid-for. However, our team has already helped thousands of students to enter foreign universities, and our experts have extensive experience in applying for different types of visas. We’re aware of the responsibility you’re facing and are ready to take it upon ourselves, thereby increasing your chances of success.

If you have any questions, write to us, and we’ll be happy to help! We also offer a free 15 minute initial consultation, then you can decide how you want to proceed.


To conclude, Aplic.io helps you use your time and energy more effectively, and transforms your study abroad dream into reality.

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