Best Australian Scholarships. Australia is Much Closer Than It Seems!

Dec 17 19

The Australian Government and institutions offer many scholarships for international students, who want to pursue their studies in Australia. Today Aplic will list the most attractive scholarships to study in this country.

We’re lucky to be born in the modern world and enjoy the benefits of civilization. Yes, we still have much distance to tread, issues to solve, hungry to feed and plans to realize together. However, the world has never been a place where people with different incomes could dream the same things. But today it is.

Australia is for sure true fairyland worth of dreaming about. Amazing nature, a safe environment, developed city infrastructure and the highest quality of life urge people to move heaven and earth to attain the right to study and work in Australia. And the best way to earn this right is through education.

Education in Australia hard to be named accessible to everybody in terms of tuition fees and living costs. Furthermore, you’d be right if you named it expensive. But what then, do we have to say goodbye to a cruel world, goodbye to our Australian dream? No, because the Australian Government and Australian universities bestow dream ticket to those for whom the sky is the only limit! So, we introduce you to the best Australian scholarships.

🦘Australia Awards Scholarship

Australia Awards Scholarship is dispensed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and grants support to students from developing countries including those from the Pacific, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

It’s one of the oldest and prestigious scholarships that supports emerging leaders from developing countries for more than 60 years. It allows undertaking undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the most well-known Australian institutions. The total budget of the Australia Awards is estimated at $280 million.

Australia Awards is the full scholarship that covers tuition fees, stipend, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and flight tickets. You’ll find more information here or watch the introductory video.

🦘Destination Australia

Destination Australia is the new scholarship program funded by the Australian Government. The aim of the program is to encourage domestic and international students to study in Australian regions by attracting talented students and to develop educational institutions of remoted Australian regions.

The list of the institutions eligible to be covered by the scholarship can be found here. The scholarship aims to provide support to students for the whole duration of their studies. The program’s support is distributed evenly between international and domestic students.

More than 1000 scholarships worth $15,000 each will be offered to students. The total amount of annual funding is estimated at $19.5 million. The scholarship is eligible for both undergraduate and graduate studies. For more detailed information on the Destination Australia program click here.

🦘Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP)

Australian Government Research Training Program or RTP is the program which aims to support both domestic and international students following Research Masters or Research Doctorate degrees. The Australian Government allocates block grants to Australian higher education providers. The application to the RTP should be submitted directly to the provider. And this means that each university has its own admission criteria, so please contact the one you’d like to apply. You can find the list of institutions eligible for this program by clicking the link.

Universities you’re applying in order to gain the RTP scholarship are responsible for the selection and admission process, so don’t hesitate to contact the postgraduate admission office of your chosen institution.

🦘Scholarships by Australian Universities

Providers of higher education in Australia offer scholarships to international students based on their academic record. The universities aim to support and inspire outstanding young people from all over the world to reach their career and life goals.

You can check the list of Australian universities available on (we have a vast choice of Australian universities on the platform) and browse scholarship options on their web-page. Contact us, if you got questions regarding your scholarship chances, admission criteria, etc.

We’ll develop for you a special strategic map, which will significantly increase your chances to win a scholarship. For this purpose, we’ll help to prepare the best portfolio, therefore make you stand out from other competitors! Just text us in chat on’s main page for further information.

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