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Dec 16 19

Ireland, also known as the Emerald Island due to its green countryside, is without exaggeration one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. Studying in Ireland can be some sort of combining education with a “northern-style” sea vacation with lots of medieval castles, a good-quality cuisine with a famous stew and wonderful beer. Ireland also means cozy Dublin, clubs, famous pubs of Cork and homeland of literary giants: Bernard Shaw, James Joyce, and Samuel Beckett. Horse riding, outdoor activities, amazing nature, impressive history, and oldest universities are also about Ireland. Emerald Island is also one of the most desired places to study because it provides students with the chance to mix business and pleasure. So in this article, we’ll consider why you should consider studying in Ireland!

Best & Oldest

Ireland is famous for its high level of education for many ages!

Irish universities have the reputation of being the oldest in the world. The first high schools at monasteries appeared here at the dawn of the Middle Ages, in the sixth century. And now the Irish educational institutions are no worse than the famous British of American. Universities in this country position themselves as conspicuous research centers. Therefore, young people who want to make a scientific career are eager to study here.

There are seven public universities in Ireland. The most famous of them is the University of Dublin or Trinity College. It was founded at the end of the sixteenth century by Queen Elizabeth. This university is rated by the Times every year in the TOP 50 of the best educational institutions in the world. Famous writer of Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift and author of scandalous The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde are among the alumni of this prominent university.

Ireland is famous for its high level of education for many ages! It isn’t a surprise that Ireland is called the “Island of saints and sages!” It’s a common Irish expression that recalls the early medieval times when Irish monks like Columbanus brought Christian spirituality and brought back learning to Europe after the collapse of the Roman empire.

Comfortable place for students

Ireland is known for its openness and friendliness.

Ireland is known for its tolerant attitude towards foreigners and for its openness and friendliness in general. Irish legislation gives the right to all students enrolled in long-term programs to find part-time employment during their free time. This significantly reduces the cost of stay in the country.

Over the past few years, Ireland has become one of the most attractive countries for registering and doing business. Resident companies include giants such as Dell, Pfizer, Google, Hewlett Packard, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, Twitter, and many others. The main reason for this attraction is one of the lowest corporate taxes in the world: 12.5%!

This means that students in Ireland will have a great opportunity to intern and gain some experience at the best companies in the world! Studying in Ireland is a mixing business with pleasure, as we said. Job offers for students can be found:

☘️ In your school
☘️ In employment centers. In many educational institutions, there are their own employment centers, which have their own database of vacancies.
☘️ In local newspapers;
☘️ On social media (Facebook, LinkedIn)
☘️ In online recruitment agencies (,, etc.)
☘️ With the help of friends, teachers, professors, host family, etc.

Living costs

Living costs and tuition fees in Ireland are much cheaper than in other famous educational centers. For example, living expenses in Trinity College are estimated as follows: On-Campus accommodation without a meal is around €692 per month. Add around €680 as an approximate cost of living per month, and we get very liberal expenses in comparison with other top universities. Studying in Ireland is great and not that expensive!

Study in Ireland with Aplic

From now on you have a huge advantage for admission to Irish universities because you can apply with!

From now on you have a huge advantage for admission to Irish universities because you can apply wuth – newly founded platform. Applicants have the possibility of admission immediately after school to Irish universities with few clicks. The main requirement is to have a decent school certificate and English at a sufficient level. If your level of English isn’t enough for admission, then you can take a preparatory course. We’re proud to announce that all the following universities, including famous Trinity College are our partners you can apply via! So, other Irish institutions to be considered for education are:

☘️ University of Dublin (Trinity College)
☘️ Dublin Business School
☘️ Dublin City University Dublin
☘️ IT Sligo
☘️ Maynooth University
☘️ National University of Ireland
☘️ University College Cork
☘️ University College Dublin
☘️ University of Limerick
☘️ Technological University Dublin

Ireland is a wonderful place to study. Can you imagine the feeling of studying in the city where the novel of Joyce Dubliners took place? Studying in Ireland means having esthetical enjoyment every second! Higher we considered just a few reasons to study in Ireland, in fact, there are many more of them. What will be your reason?

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