Why It’s Time to Say “Bonjour!” to Education in France?

Jan 31 20

🧀 🍷🎨 How many times have you heard about cozy, narrow streets of Toulouse, about the abundant choice of wine in Provence, a huge range of cheese in Normandy or, finally, about luxury brands such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton? That’s all about France. This country’s contribution to global progress is so vast, the same as its contribution to art, literature, gastronomy, and philosophy. Many of us at least heard the names of Russo, Dumas, Hugo, Balzac, and Sartre. Okay, even if you didn’t hear, I’m sure that you’ve tried croissants or baguettes which are true French guys. France’s culture is so rich that it can be perceived everywhere on our planet. And it isn’t surprising that this country is one of the oldest destinations for students from all over the world. I’m sure there are millions of arguments for studying in France and to state them all isn’t possible but I’ll list some of them, which, I hope, will make you ruminate about studying there!

The impact of France of global culture is difficult to overestimate

🥐 Available tuition fees. Tuition fees in French universities are way cheaper than in another country from the other side of la Manche. Because of that, France is in the second position among the most popular destinations for education among European countries and sixth in the world.

🥐 Truly academic atmosphere. Young researchers are highly appreciated and respected in France. There are lots of discounts, amenities, and scholarships for them. So, you also have a chance to stand out.

Education in France has very long traditions and French people are deservedly proud of that. Just think: the University of Paris was established when most people didn’t know reading and writing, which is in 1150! That’s unbelievable!

🥐 High quality of education. You already know that France is a very attractive destination for foreign students. Programs for students are precisely organized, the quality of education is very high, while French diplomas are welcomed everywhere. French universities always take up the highest positions in international rankings.

🥐 Training from top instructors. That’s not a big secret that French universities and colleges have one of the most famous academics, instructors and professors around the world! France is among the leading nations with one of the highest numbers of Nobel Prizes winners.

In France everyone will find lots of interesting things and places to see

🥐 Opportunity to learn the French language. The number of people who are able to speak French is about 274 million people. Furthermore, French is regarded as the 3rd business language (after English and Mandarine). For many centuries French has been a tool of communication of very different people from the east to the west. However, if you don’t want to take your studies in French, in France there are many programs and courses which can be taken in English.

🥐 Magnificent culture and history. France is believed to be a cradle of arts, design, literature, philosophy, and architecture along with Italy. Louvre Palace, Eiffel Tower, Disneyland… Here you’ll find lots of attractive and interesting things and places to see.

🥐 International community. Studying in France means living in the international community. The fact that you came from another country with another culture won’t be a serious obstacle for your adaptation. “Freedom, equality, fraternity” (fr. Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité) is the national motto of the French Republic. This motto reflects the attitude and spirit of the French people. In France, everyone is respected regardless of skin color, views, and religion.

“Freedom, equality, fraternity” perfectly reflects the spirit of the French people

What is the cost of education in France?

The educational institutions in France have an excellent reputation. But there is a pleasant fact: tuition fees in this country can’t be called the most expensive. In France, you can choose a university from 3500 private and public institutions. The tuition fee depends on your university of choice, faculty, program of study, but the average tuition fee varies from 150 Euro to 2500 Euro for a term.

Student life in France

Students have a special place in French society, they are some sort of privileged class there. As a student, you can use all the existing benefits and facilities. Students with valid student cards have a lot of discounts such as for public transport, visiting cinemas, museums, and restaurants. Also, you should know, that the French government helps students to rent rooms and apartments for lower prices. It depends, how much you pay for your accommodation, allowance from the government could be around 150 Euros.


Only you decide which country to choose, but you should know, that every choice will bring you the brightest, unexpected and great emotions! Get to know more about other countries, studying and living there on Aplic.io See you there!

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