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Sep 15 20

The prospect of studying abroad is exciting, but funding your education can be incredibly stressful. Luckily, there are billions of dollars’ worth of scholarships available to international students, assisting with everything from tuition fees to flights! Despite this vast pool of money ready to help, students can struggle to find the funding opportunities available to them. So what are the problems with finding a scholarship, and how do we at step in to help and provide every opportunity for every student to fund their dream education?

Applying can be a daunting process

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We can help you with the complex application process

When you think of scholarships, what springs to mind? Maybe that only students with the best grades, dozens of extracurricular activities, and flawless applications will succeed. Or perhaps that the process of applying to study abroad is complex enough, without trying to find a scholarship and adding another application form and deadline. But fear not, because at we will help you with the application process. Our Scholarship Helper includes a step-by-step guide of what you need to do to win a scholarship, video instructions of how to prepare your documents, and examples of essays, recommendation letters, and CVs. For even more assistance, our Scholarship Package includes the help of your personal Dedicated Scholarship Advisor and support for up to 10 applications, which reduces the stress even more.

Scholarships are not only available to new students

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Apply for scholarships throughout your university career!

Another common misconception is that students can only apply for scholarships before starting their course, meaning that students stop searching once they have enrolled. However, you can keep applying for scholarships throughout your university career, even during your last year if you so wish! On’s platform you can find scholarships for students in every stage of their education – from pathway and foundation to undergraduate and postgraduate. With application deadlines running throughout the year, you will never have to wait to apply for your dream scholarship!

Students do not know which scholarships exist

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There are so many different types of scholarship!

The word ‘scholarship’ for some people is equated with an enormous and unattainable chunk of money. Whilst more financially-rewarding scholarships are hugely competitive, you can find smaller scholarships which have fewer applicants and are more accessible for less competitive students. Though smaller scholarships will not offer full coverage of tuition and living costs, they can be a lifesaving addition to your existing funding. At, our Scholarship Package includes a Scholarship Matching service, which helps universities to find the right candidates, and students to find scholarships which are best for their abilities and requirements.

Eligibility criteria for scholarships can be strict

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Do you tick all the boxes to apply?

Even though there are countless scholarships available, some have very specific eligibility criteria. These can include nationality, income, and subject requirements, and many applicants do not meet all the necessary criteria to apply. We know it can be off-putting to search hundreds of websites to find scholarships with the exact criteria which suit your circumstances. So at, we not only provide access to $22bn in hundreds of scholarships on our platform, but allow you to search for scholarships according to your destination country, home country, preferred coverage, study level, and more – all in one accessible space! We offer scholarships in over 30 countries for students around the world, so you’re sure to find the scholarship which is right for you.


You should never feel discouraged about finding a scholarship to fund your university career abroad. The financial reward of a scholarship is life-changing. So let us at help you out!

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