How to pass TOEFL or IELTS with a high score?

Apr 01 21

TOEFL ot IELTS are used to assess an applicant’s proficiency in English for tertiary education and global migration. Both tests require a certain band score for a candidate to meet the admission requirements of the chosen university. Passing these tests is not easy, but still possible! And you can pass them with a stellar score if you know what to do! Just follow our tips.

P.S. If you’re not sure which exam to choose – be sure to read this article.

Prepare in advance

Don’t leave it too late!

By this we mean that you should start preparing at least six months before the test! Many students wait until the last minute which simply results in a failure. Time frame may vary depending on your English level, but you’d better have at least a month of preparation per section. Moreover, having some extra time will allow you to determine sections that require additional attention and improvement.

Expand your vocabulary

You can’t pass tests with a high score if your vocabulary isn’t rich enough. TOEFL and IELTS test your knowledge considering the fact that you’ll be studying at a higher education institution, which means that you should be able to understand lectures and write academic essays. Therefore even if all your answers are grammatically correct, but you only use basic vocabulary, your score may still be low. Fortunately, there are lots of TOEFL/IELTS preparation resources that even have specialized dictionaries! What are the other ways to expand your vocab? Read as much as possible, using both fiction and non-fiction literature; watch movies in the original language with subtitles; make a habit of learning a certain amount of new words every day! And we promise: you’ll see results very soon!

Start building essay idea bank

Writing section is the biggest challenge for many students

The “writing” section is considered the most difficult one and requires not only rich vocabulary and perfect grammar, but also a bunch of great ideas, thoughts and arguments. Improvising is not an easy task, and you’d better be prepared in advance. The best you can do is to find examples of essay topics and practice writing as much as you can. If you can’t do this – at least make short plans summarizing your opinion on essay topics. It will help you greatly on exam and you’ll thank us later for giving this advice! 

Take sample tests

This may sound obvious, but we have to mention it. Taking sample tests will allow you to know test format, which is the key to perform well on the exam. You should get to know each TOEFL or IELTS section in detail in order to know what to do. Moreover, taking sample tests will help you to find out which section is your “weak point” and what exactly requires your additional attention. How to take sample tests? It’s very important to recreate a realistic testing environment! Put your phone away, find a quite room and start the timer. Once you finish the test and have your scores for each section, write them down. Now you can work with that. 

Use these tips when preparing for the TOEFL or IELTS test and you’ll definitely get a stellar score! What’s next? Apply to your dream university! And the easiest way to do this – apply via platform! If studying in English is your dream, look no further than our website. You can search for universities in the UK, USA, Canada and more, discover English-taught programs around the world, and find scholarships to fund your dream education. Good luck!

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