What Should You Do in 2020 to Study Abroad?

Dec 30 19

On the eve of the New Year holidays, most people have a tradition of summing up the results of the outgoing year. “What was good in 2019? Which results did I achieve? What could I have done better?” – are typical questions usually asked by everyone. Reckoning the results of the outgoing year and making plans for the coming year is highly important for those who are planning to study abroad. In this article, we’ll discuss the consequent steps you should make to study abroad next year! 🎅

Make up a list of universities

If you plan to start your study abroad journey in the fall semester 2020, the first thing you should do is to decide which higher institutions you want to study in. It’s not a prerequisite condition to choose only one university. With technological platforms such as Aplic, you can choose and apply for as many universities as you want. You won’t upload documents to each institution every now and again: you upload your documents just once.

Choose up to 10 institutions based on their academic requirements. We advise you to choose universities in increasing order of your chances to be admitted. In the end, when, for example, 8/10 of universities accepted your application, you’ll have a comfortable chance of choosing the one you dreamed about most.


First of all pay attention to the deadlines stated by higher education institutions. Each university has its own specific deadlines and if you miss them, you’ll have to defer admission until the next application date. Mainly, on the website of each university, you’ll find dates of intakes and deadlines.
Otherwise don’t hesitate and use the feedback (email, etc.) to communicate with the university.

Moreover, try to apply as early as possible because then you’ll have higher chances to obtain financial assistance from educational institutions (scholarships, grants e.t.c.).

Besides, delaying the submission of documents may lead to the fact that a university has a sufficient number of students and won`t review your documents. ⌛


When you apply abroad check the admission requirements carefully! Because some of them might be specific. In general, most of the universities ask for:

  • Certain academic record;
  • Satisfactory academic reference;
  • Personal statement or letter of application;
  • English proficiency exam results;
  • Other specific requirements stated on the site of a program.
  • All necessary documents should be collected properly; there shouldn’t be any missing thing. Otherwise, you’ll be rejected in your admission.

    Submission of documents

    Depending on the university, you may need to make electronic or paper applications. Try to have all the documents ready to start making applications and submit them as soon as possible.

    In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to resolve other concomitant issues along with applying: you can choose, for example, accommodation and apply for the desired scholarship.

    Before all the documents had to be sent to each university separately. Now there’s a different story! You can save time by uploading the necessary diplomas and documents to your profile on Aplic.io, after which submitting an application to all selected universities will take just a few clicks.


    The university will report on its response a few months before the start of the curriculum.

    In addition to the letter of enrollment, you’ll receive an invitation to study. Add this document to the others and send them to the consulate to obtain your coveted student visa.

    Remember that among all these documents there should be proof from a bank that you have enough funds to study abroad. By doing so you’ll let an immigration service sleep peacefully.

    When applying, try to give complete and accurate information. Everything here must also be notarized. It may take up to several months to process your visa application.


    Firm decision to study abroad – means that almost half of the way has been passed. There’s nothing difficult in entering a foreign university. All you have to be aware of is that each university has its own rules, each country has its own migration laws. Follow all the necessary rules and requirements with patience to find out all the details and nuances.

    If you have got any questions regarding the admission process, don’t waver to ask us either on social media pages, blog or chat!

    Happy New Year! I wish you to become a student at the university of your dreams in 2020! 🐧

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