Best Careers for the Future. What Should You Study?

Dec 13 19

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt

The world doesn’t stand in one place and is changing faster every year. The development of technological capabilities, the change of means of production, the evolution of public views, and the concern around environmental issues act as a catalyst for global processes that are changing the fate of people here and now.

Our century is now called the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The map of human demographic characteristics is changing, including the requirements for employment which affect career preferences among young people.
For example, during the industrial revolution, such professions as a blacksmith or a carpenter inevitably sunk into oblivion, giving way to powerful production machines. Therefore, every young person who claims to have an excellent career takes into account the current situation when choosing her/his profession. Otherwise, if you’re too shortsighted, there are all risks to acquire a diploma and skills that will become low-paid and unnecessary.

If you, dear reader, are one of these people who dream about a bright career path, we are glad that you are reading our writing. In today’s article, we’ll list the promising professions of the future that are worth studying abroad. These specialties will surely provide you with a roof over your head, and a well-fed stomach. 🙂

Alternative Energy

Transition to clean energy sources has become one of the main concerns of mankind

Yes, no matter how much we are told about the indispensability of traditional energy sources, in this regard, the future has already come, conventional forms of energy are yielding to alternative. But why do we have to change something? It’s quite simple: carbon and methane emissions have made the transition from sources of fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas simply necessary.

Otherwise, climate change threatens to cause irreparable damage to the whole world. This is the main reason why the search for clean energy sources has become one of the main concerns of mankind. The severity of the problem is also indicated by the choice of Time magazine, which selected Swedish eco-activist Greta Thunberg as the person of the year 2019. Discussions of this problem don’t subside for a second. Make a conclusion yourself, dear ladies and gentlemen. 🌿

Professions concerned with solar energy and wind energy are becoming the most sought-after. These forms of energy are becoming accessible, and there are no doubts about the benefits of it for the planet. The industry has grown quite a lot in the last years and it’s likely that career in this field promises great opportunities in the future. The installation, maintenance, and repair of special devices, such as solar panels and giant wind turbines will require qualified specialists.

Where to study? Apply with Aplic!:
1. Australian National University
2. De Montfort University
3. Monash University Malaysia
4. Edinburgh Napier University
5. National University of Ireland (NUI Galway)
6. Murdoch University
7. The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
8. West Virginia University
9. Robert Gordon University
10. Heriot-Watt University


Longer global life expectancy enhances the demand for health professionals

In the previous part of our article, we talked about the harm that human activities cause to the environment, it’s a very nasty fact. But there are many positive achievements of a man over the past decades. One of them is the increase in global life expectancy. Consequently, there’s a rising demand for health professionals, because aging and long-lived population means a serious influx of patients. 😷

And after all, when we talk about healthcare, we don’t only mean conventional medical doctors. Many remote regions, especially of large countries, have a sharp need for healthcare specialists. So it requires mobile medical workers who can diagnose and treat patients with various acute and chronic diseases.

Nurses with the right degree can help fill the existing gap. In 2018 the average annual salary of nurse practitioners in the US was $107,030.

In addition to nurses, other health professions such as rehabilitation physicians, physiotherapists, and pharmacists are extremely popular.

Where to study?
1. Anglia Ruskin University
2. Ara Institute of Canterbury
3. Australian Catholic University
4. Auckland University of Technology
5. Management Development Institute of Singapore
6. Swansea University
7. University of Aberdeen
8. Clarkson University
9. Humber College
10. Queen’s University

Computer Technologies

Computer technology is the No. 1 area in terms of the expected growth in the number of jobs over the next decades

Everyone is jealous of IT specialists. It’s common to complain about low salaries compared to the high salaries of IT specialists. Computer technology is the No. 1 area in terms of the expected growth in the number of jobs over the next decades, which makes them the most sought-after specialists for today and tomorrow.

Just remember how our lives looked like a few decades, ten years, five years ago. Computers and smartphones have changed the way we live, conduct business, rest and communicate. And they’ll continue to change. 🤖

As new technologies evolve, programmers, cybersecurity professionals, software developers, administrators, and other IT professions will continue to be in high demand.

Where to study?
1. Aberystwyth University
2. Aston University
3. American University
4. Concordia University
5. Northeastern University
6. Deakin University
7. Dublin City University
8. Griffith University
9. Häme University of Applied Sciences
10. Hamad Bin Khalifa University

Financial and Banking Services

Maybe you should become a blockchain specialist or an expert in blockchain business development?

Do you get along well with numbers? Then there are many career fields that are worth exploring, understanding and becoming professional in the future. Strange words such as “cryptocurrency” and “blockchain” will become commonplace in business and finance. You can become a modern Medici or Rothschild by starting a career in the field of financial services, banking sector, accountancy, and blockchain field.

A little bit of information about blockchain technology: the phenomenal development allows you to make transactions decentralized, faster and confidential. It’s a little bit difficult to understand, but many experts believe that blockchain technology will ultimately change the world like the Internet did. That’s why specialists who understand how to develop practical services and products using blockchain technology will gain significance in the future.

And of course, in addition to virtual currencies, the ability to work with assets, intellectual property and banking systems won’t lose relevance.

Where to study?
1. Algoma University
2. DePaul University
3. IUBH University of Applied Sciences
4. Jacksonville State University
5. University of Amsterdam
6. University of Calgary
7. University of Central Lancashire
8. University of Malta
9. University of Padova
10. Western Washington University


Consutants are like lifesavers who help businesses in difficult times, develop strategies to prevent problems and increase productivity

Consultants carry out a number of duties, which vary greatly from one industry to another. In short, consultants provide expert advice and analysis, consult organizations and individuals. They are like lifesavers that help businesses in difficult times, develop strategies to prevent problems and increase productivity.

Consultants must have in-depth knowledge of the specific industry in which an organization is engaged. An experienced specialist can often be given the task to devote their time and experience to a faltering project.

In the next decade, the consulting industry is expected to show double-digit growth. Management and healthcare consultants will see employment growth of 24%, making this industry one of the most profitable. So, you can safely choose a career in consulting and anticipate a great future.

Where to study?
1. Newcastle University
2. Central Michigan University
3. Charles Darwin University
4. Concordia University of Edmonton
5. Dublin Business School
6. Lincoln University
7. Manchester Metropolitan University
8. Long Island University
9. Macquarie University
10. Rennes School of Business

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Tools and technologies are the driving force of our civilization; ergo, skilled engineers are needed more than ever

At the beginning of the article, we said that industrial development is transforming our world day after day. Inventing tools and technologies are the locomotives of our civilization. Therefore well-qualified engineers are needed more than ever.

There are many kinds of engineers. Some of them create tiny things impossible to be viewed without using the microscope. Some do things for daily use, such as mobile phones and laptops. Others build huge technological machines and infrastructure projects – design cars, bridges, planes, and skyscrapers!

However, in our opinion, careers in aerospace and mechanical engineering are the most promising.

Aerospace engineering is engaged in the development, construction, testing, and operation of vehicles in the Earth’s atmosphere or in outer space. Billions of dollars are invested annually in this industry, and the future of the space technology industry promises to be very interesting. Aren’t you really eager to contribute to the realization of those incredible future ideas and projects?

Another field we assume to be in demand is mechanical engineering. It’s a branch of the industry engaged in the production of machinery, equipment, devices, etc. The majority of bio/nanotechnologies, the production of modern materials, micro/photoelectronics depend on innovations in mechanical engineering.

Engineers must have the skills to turn imaginative products into real innovations. Since the knowledge and needs of humanity grow, a career in engineering seems mind-blowing and full of new challenges.

Where to study?
1. American University of Malta
2. University of Fraser Valley
3. Lipscomb University
4. Brunel University London
5. Cardiff University
6. California Institute of Technology
7. Leeds Beckett University
8. Ryerson University
9. Twente University
10. Turku University of Applied Sciences

Marketing and Advertisement

Marketing never stands still, trends and strategies are changing with high-speed

Tough competition of companies in the struggle for customers, desire to find new ways to differentiate their products and services makes companies actively search for marketing and advertisement specialists.

Marketing never stands still, trends and strategies are changing with high-speed thanks to the advent of new tools and technologies. For example, the appearance of the Internet, social media, various programs and applications in our lives have changed the rules and methods of marketing. And modern marketing specialists need the ability to combine past experience with the ability to use new tools.

Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have become indispensable platforms for conducting analytics and making product promotions. Since digital devices constantly enable us to access any information, the ability to produce high-quality content that can break through the advertising clutter has become simply necessary. And if you’re creative person, think well, maybe a career in marketing is what you need?

Where to study?
1. Budapest Metropolitan University
2. Auburn University
3. Curtin University
4. Maynooth University
5. Middlesex University
6. Sheffield Hallam University
7. University of Tasmania
8. University of Portsmouth
9. University of Wollongong in Dubai
10. Vancouver Island University


Today humanity thinks much more about how to maximize the productivity of the earth, and at the same time lessen harm to the environment

According to forecasts of authoritative sources, the world’s population will reach 9.8 billion people by the year 2050. We may have to produce twice as much food as now. But there aren’t simply more lands suitable for agriculture. Finding new land, cleaning it and growing more crops – all these have been done over the past 100 years. And having limited cultivated land, we’ll have to increase the productivity of what we currently have. And it isn’t easy

Today humanity strives to maximize the productivity of the earth, and at the same time lessen harm to the environment. The resources of our planet are limited, and the task is to feed the population.

In order to be able to meet the needs of humanity, it’s important to develop new methods of farming. We’ll need professional urban farmers, agronomists, simply because there’s nothing more important than food. 🌾

Where to study?
1. University of Manitoba
2. Charles Sturt University
3. University of Saskatchewan
4. Melbourne Polytechnic
5. Nottingham Trent University
6. The University of Melbourne
7. The University of Reading
8. University of Alberta
9. University of New England
10. Kwantlen Polytechnic University

International Law

International lawyers help to sort out disputes involving counterparties registered in different states

In today’s increasingly globalizing world, legal issues aren’t confined by laws of one country and often include regional and international treaties and agreements, so it’s important that businessmen, governments and organizations understand how the global legal system works.

Therefore, lawyers who are aware of international law are carrying a significant role. International lawyers help to sort out different disputes, for example, between counterparties registered in different states.

As the importance of global business and trade grows, organizations will seek out specialists who have the education, experience, and skills in international law, aware of tax codes, labor, and environmental laws, as well as ethical standards.

1. Keele University
2. University of Sydney
3. The University of Law
4. Golden Gate University School of Law
5. Oporto Global University
6. The University of Waikato
7. Bangor University
8. Duquesne University
9. Lancaster University
10. Queen’s University Belfast


Demand and technologies forge the world around us which is going through changes at a high speed affecting the lives of all creatures on our planet. ☄️ Just look around at what humanity has achieved over the past decades. Therefore, new professions are literally born and others die out. It’s very important to choose a profession that will be in demand in the foreseeable future, and will allow you to keep up to date! Which career path will you follow?

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