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Sep 08 20

The United States is the most popular country in the world for international students. Every year, hundreds of thousands of students dream of studying at one of the US’s 5,000 colleges, but many don’t apply because it seems far too expensive. At, we know that it’s possible for you to fulfil your dream of attending college in the US without bankrupting yourself and your parents! How? With scholarships! Winning a scholarship in the United States can transform your dreams into reality. will help you discover scholarships in the United States that offer partial – or even full! – coverage. Not only this, but we will assist you with your applications to increase your chances of winning these prestigious scholarships. So, what are some scholarships available to you? And how can you win them?

Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program

Why not apply for a Fulbright Scholarship?

Fulbright Scholarships are some of the best-known scholarships in the United States. And the Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program is the best of the best – one of the oldest and most prestigious awards available to international students. Students of all academic levels can apply for this fully-funded scholarship covering airfare, living stipend, health insurance, textbooks and tuition fees.

  • Did you know? 4,000 foreign students win a Fulbright Scholarship every year!

Discover the Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program on!

University of New Hampshire, First Year Presidential Merit Scholarships

Thompson Hall, University of New Hampshire
Study at the University of New Hampshire!

This $12,000 scholarship is awarded to international applicants who have entered the University of New Hampshire and will make a significant contribution to the development of the university and its student and academic life.

No additional essays or tests are required to receive the Presidential Merit Scholarship. All first year students are considered for the scholarship based on their college application. The main criteria for winning this scholarship are excellent academic performance and your position amongst your peers – you should be in the top 10%. Your average grade in high school will be evaluated (it should be 4.0) as well as your high school test results, which should be 1390+ for SAT or 29+ for ACT Composite. Your extracurricular activities and achievements, community engagement, and recommendations from teachers are also taken into account.

The scholarship can be extended for the entire period of study, that is, 8 consecutive semesters, provided that you maintain a minimum 3.2 GPA.

  • Did you know? The University of New Hampshire also offers the Dean’s Merit Scholarship, which awards $8,000 per year to international students! The criteria are slightly less competitive than for the Presidential Scholarship. So, if you have no luck with the Presidential Scholarship, then maybe the Dean’s Scholarship is more suitable for you!

Find the Presidential Merit Scholarship here!

Drew University Merit Scholarships

Mead Hall, Drew University
Will you win a Drew University scholarship?

Drew University offers three scholarships for various categories of first-year students based on their achievements: the Francis Asbury Scholarship, the Presidential Scholarship and the Dean’s Scholarship. Students are automatically considered for these scholarships when they apply to Drew University.

New students may be awarded these scholarships, ranging between $10,000 to $25,000, depending on their academic performance in high school and final test scores. Scholarships may be extended for subsequent course years! International students have the additional opportunity to receive a needs-based grant depending on their financial situation, by applying to the Office of Financial Assistance. Transfer students are also eligible for a scholarship of $10,000 to $20,000 with the possibility of extending it for up to two years.

  • Did you know? Eight out of ten students at Drew University receive a grant or scholarship from the university!

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AIS Technolabs Scholarship Program For Engineering Students

If you’re an aspiring engineer, then this is the scholarship for you

If you are an aspiring engineer and an international student from the US, Australia or Canada then this one-off $5,000 scholarship is the one for you! It is available for students who’ve enrolled to study any field of engineering – from aeronautical to agricultural engineering – and it can be spent on anything related specifically to education.

You can apply for the scholarship if you’re a permanent resident of the United States, Canada or Australia, have graduated from high school, and have entered an accredited university in one of these countries to study at undergraduate or postgraduate level. If you are applying at master’s level, you shouldn’t have a gap between bachelor’s and master’s programmes.

You’ll need to get creative to apply for the AIS Technolabs Scholarship. No essay or application form is involved – instead, you have to devise a project related to your field, which will give you the chance to develop your skills and knowledge even more!

If you’re interested in this engineering scholarship, visit our website!

Wake Forest University, Nancy Susan Reynolds Scholarship

 Wake Forest University
Study at Wake Forest University on a full-coverage scholarship!

Winning full-coverage scholarships in the United States is a life-changing opportunity. The Nancy Susan Reynolds Scholarship is truly the dream for any college student – it is a full-coverage scholarship which includes tuition, room, and board, plus another $3,400 for personal expenses per year. Recipients are encouraged to apply for up to $5,000 for a research, study, or travel project during their college summers.

Applicants will be assessed on their academic achievements, and extracurricular activities and achievements. The application process for this prestigious scholarship also includes an interview. So, if you excel at school and in your outside interests, then you should apply for the Nancy Susan Reynolds Scholarship with the expert help of!

  • Five Reynolds Scholars are chosen annually. Could you be the next one?

For your chance to win the Nancy Susan Reynolds Scholarship, visit

Lynn University Presidential Scholarship

Boca Raton
Study for free in sunny Florida with the Lynn University Presidential Scholarship!

This is one of the most sought-after scholarships from Lynn University, as it provides full-coverage of tuition, room and board while you study. It’s also unique in that the Presidential Scholarship is awarded to one foreign student and one US resident each year.

You must demonstrate exceptional intellectual abilities to prove that you deserve this scholarship. Your GPA in high school should be at least 3.65 if you do not submit standardised test scores, and 3.50 if you do; in this case, you should attain 1050+ in SAT or 20+ in ACT Composite.

As well as the application form, you must make a short video explaining how you will contribute to the college community at Lynn University. This is truly a life-changing scholarship, and so it is well worth making the maximum effort to win it!

  • Did you know? Lynn University also offers the Conservatory of Music Scholarship, which has full tuition coverage. You can win this scholarship on the basis of your audition, and apply for a second scholarship to cover your room and board!

If you’re interested in studying here, then check out the Lynn University Presidential Scholarship.

Madison Awards for Academic Excellence

Keezell Hall, James Madison University
Do you want to study at James Madison University?

This scholarship at James Madison University is awarded for academic success. No additional exams and tests are required, and you will be reviewed upon submitting your general college application. What’s more, you only need an average score of 3.0 for each academic year at the university to maintain eligibility!

Academic departments and colleges are responsible for choosing the recipients, and the amount received varies from $4,000 to $10,000 depending on the department awarding the prize.

  • Did you know? Approximately 350 scholarships are awarded annually, so you definitely have a chance!

To find out more about the Madison Awards for Academic Excellence, visit our website.

Old Dominion University CYBER Scholarship

Old Dominion University, Student Recreation Center
Old Dominion University awaits your application!

And finally, we have a great scholarship for those who study cybersecurity! The Old Dominion University Center for Cybersecurity Education and Recreation awards scholarships of $35,552, split over 4 years of study.

In addition to the impressive amount of money assisting your academic development, you’ll get strong academic support and mentoring, help finding research internships and job placements, and you can even take part in cyber hacking competitions. This is a truly unique opportunity!

The scholarship is granted to foreigners who are permanent residents of the US and who have demonstrated financial need.

Learn more about the CYBER Scholarship on’s website.


You can apply through to win any of the scholarships in the United States mentioned above. Our experts and mentors are ready to assist you every step of the way! To maximise your chances of winning a life-changing scholarship, our Scholarship Helper is here for you, with instructions on how to prepare your documents, essays, CV, and recommendation letters, and consultations with experts and student mentors. What’s more, our comprehensive Scholarship Package will match you with scholarships in the United States, assist with preparing your student profile, and help you with up to 10 applications!

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