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Apr 05 21

One of the obstacles on the way to a dream university abroad is the sky-high tuition fees. But this does not mean that you should give up on your dream! After all, there are many sources of funding that can cover all (or almost all) expenses associated with studying and even living abroad! Here’s a list of the BEST Masters scholarships! Study abroad for free!

1. Fulbright scholarship, USA

Study in USA
Fulfill the American dream!

Fulbright scholarship is one of the best and most famous scholarships in the US. And it’s not surprising! After all, it covers all your expenses!

For whom? International students from 155 countries who plan to study Master’s or PhD can apply. You can find the whole list of countries on the official website of the scholarship.
full! The grant funds tuition, airfare, a living stipend, health insurance, etc.
you’re required to return back to your home country after graduation for at least 2 years (!). Additional requirements and selection procedures vary widely by country.

2. Erasmus Mundus, Europe

Study in Europe for free
Study in Europe for free!

It’s one of the best scholarships for studying in Europe, because it implies studying at several universities while doing your degree, which doubles graduates’ future opportunities :). Is it even worth mentioning the benefits of traveling and chance to explore several countries and their cultures?

For whom? Students at Master’s level worldwide can apply!
Coverage: scholarship covers all expenses (it also includes a monthly subsistence allowance for the entire duration of the study program).
Requirements: academic excellence, language skills, motivation, work experience and professional qualifications (if applicable).

3. DAAD scholarship, Germany

Study in Germany
German universities offer excellent teaching and research, ranking among the best in the world

DAAD sholarship is the most popular scholarship for studying in Germany.

For whom: students at Master’s level worldwide can apply.
Coverage: scholarship covers all expenses and includes the monthly stipend.
Requirements: the applicant should have at least two years of proven work experience! Academic excellence and language skills are key factors as well.

4. Orange Tulip Scholarship, the Netherlands

Study in the Netherlands
Orange Tulip Scholarship – your ticket to free education in the Netherlands!

Orange Tulip Scholarship is a great opportunity for talented students to study in the Netherlands for free!
For whom: students at Master’s level from the following countries can apply: Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Vietnam.
Coverage: scholarship covers all expenses (tuition fee, visa and residence permit costs, liability insurance and health insurance).
Requirements: the courses offered, the application requirements and the total amount of the scholarship vary per country and institution, BUT the academic excellence is key as usual.

5. The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program, France

Study in France
Dream of studying in France? Here’s your chance!

Although this scholarship does not provide full coverage, it will still help greatly in funding your tuition.

For whom: this program is reserved for non-French nationals. For the master’s level, candidates must be no older than 25, at the Ph.D. level, candidates must be no older than 30.
Coverage: the scholarship consists of a monthly allowance of €1,181 (a maintenance allowance of €1,031 and a monthly stipend of €150). In addition, the program covers various benefits including a round-trip international ticket, health insurance and cultural activities. Tuition fees are not covered by the Eiffel Program.
Requirements: academic excellence, language skills, motivation, work experience and professional qualifications (if applicable).

6. Global Korea Scholarship, South Korea

Study in South Korea
Study in South Korea for free!

Studying in South Korea will open up a wide range of employment opportunities for you! And this scholarship will give you the chance to study in the country for free!

For whom? Students from all countries who are planning to study Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD programs can apply for the scholarship. HOWEVER, the duration of the program should not exceed 4 years (i.e. medical specialties may not qualify for a scholarship).
Coverage: full coverage of all expenses (tuition fees, living expenses, health insurance etc.).
Requirements: Academic excellence and other extracurricular achievements are key factors.

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