Accessing international education – is it really so difficult?

Jan 12 21

Studying abroad in Anglosphere countries is a dream for international students around the world, as it offers them access to the world’s best institutions, a favourable cultural experience, and excellent employment opportunities back home and abroad. The US and UK are the top two study destinations, and the attraction of Canadian and Australasian universities is steadily growing. But accessing international education can seem like a hugely complicated process.

What problems do international students commonly encounter when applying to study abroad in the UK, North America and Australasia, and how can we at help you to remedy these issues?

Language and educational barriers

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Good working knowledge of English is a must for accessing international education in the UK, North America or Australasia!

One of the most crucial skills you need to access international education in the Anglosphere is a good working knowledge of English. International students must not only achieve an adequate TOEFL or IELTS score, but must also ace the application and interview process. Universities in the US, North America and Australasia also require you to have a certain level of secondary school education. School leavers from some countries, including many Asian and African nations, need extra qualifications before they can apply for undergraduate courses.

But don’t worry – this is certainly not the end of the road on your study abroad journey!

Application assistance

At we are on hand to help you through the application process for your dream university. We can review your essays and applications, prepare you for interviews, and arrange personal consultations with a Study Abroad Advisor in your language to work through any concerns. We also can provide you with preparation materials for English language exams such as IELTS and TOEFL.

Foundation programmes

If your level of English or secondary education doesn’t meet undergraduate entry requirements, we provide access to over 100 foundation courses which help you to: adapt to your new country, culture, and university; improve your foreign language skills with preparatory classes; and attain the academic qualifications needed to study at undergraduate level. We’ve also written this helpful guide about why a foundation programme may be the right option for you

Funding issues

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There are a wealth of funding options to support your study abroad!

Unfortunately, accessing international higher education is much easier for wealthy students. The majority of university funding is reserved for domestic students, so international students must either win scholarships or prove that they have sufficient funds to cover their tuition and living costs. Tuition fees and funding opportunities vary widely based on the university, country of choice, and the sending country of the prospective student, and healthcare and living expenses must also be factored in. Given the high cost of living in the US, UK, Canada and Australasia, the overall sum can seem wildly out of budget for many international students.

But not necessarily…

Work while you study

A part-time job is an absolute lifesaver for international students, so research your working rights when considering where you want to study abroad.

  • No working rights ❌ In the US, international students on F-1 visas have very limited employment options: on-campus work, or Optional Practical Training/Curricular Practical Training in a field directly related to their course for up to 12 months.
  • Working rights✔️ International students in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand can work for 20 hours per week in term time, and 40 hours per week during holiday periods, in any kind of job for as long as their study visa is valid.
    The hourly minimum wage is up to £8.72 in the UK, CAD$15 in Canada, AUD$19.84 in Australia, and NZD$18.90 in New Zealand…you do the math! 


A trust fund isn’t a mandatory requirement for accessing international education! At, we’re here to help you find funding opportunities. On our platform we have offer access to 7000 scholarships in 34 countries – that’s over $22bn of available funding – and, to date, our users have won over $5m of scholarships!

Our dedicated advisors will match you with scholarships, we can help you arrange documents and review your applications, and you can even have a scholarship consultation with an expert in your native language. What’s more, searching and applying for scholarships on the platform is completely free!

Immigration policies 

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Visa applications can be daunting, but we’re here to help

Divisions between different countries unfortunately remain a barrier to those accessing international education. This has been thrown into sharp relief during the COVID-19 pandemic, with countries around the world closing their borders. And even before the pandemic, the US, UK, Canada and Australasia had famously strict immigration laws, making it tricky for international students to get their visas.

Visa support

If the process of applying for a student visa seems lengthy and complex, we can help you with your visa application and visa interview preparation. Our services also include step-by-step instructions on preparing your visa documentation, deadline checklists, and sample documents to ensure that all your paperwork is in order! With over a decade of experience in international education and migration, your application is in safe hands. 

  • You can also check out our Twitter account, where we regularly post updates on the latest news for international students.


Although accessing international education is a complex process, it’s certainly not impossible. And no matter what concerns are standing in your way – funding, visas, language barriers – we are here to help.

Visit our website to discover universities, courses and funding opportunities all over the world, and send all your applications with just a few clicks. When you apply with, we’ll help make your study abroad dreams into a reality!


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