5 top places for Indian students to study abroad

Nov 27 20

Every year, more and more Indian students leave their homeland to study abroad. According to the latest statistics published by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, more than 750,000 Indian students were studying abroad in 2018; in terms of the number of outbound students, India is second only to China. And the desire among Indian students to study abroad is reasonable: a foreign diploma can be a gateway to the kingdom of fruitful opportunities, worldwide networking and a sustainable future career path. Prospective students are in demand by universities across the world, many of which offer unique and world-class study programmes. So, where are the top 5 study abroad destinations for Indian students?

The USA 🇺🇸

Aerial shot of New York and Empire State Building
Vote with your feet! The USA is the most popular destination for Indian students

According to the latest statistics from the International College of Economics and Finance, the USA is the most popular educational destination for Indian students studying abroad. Nearly 212,000 Indians students sought tertiary education there in 2018, and the proportion of Indian students in the United States is second only to Chinese students. Depending on the state and university, tuition and living costs can be quite affordable, and we offer access to many scholarships in the US to help you out.

The US is such an attractive destination for many reasons. Its universities are some of the best in the world and are equipped with the latest technology – you’ll find everything you need for successful research. The teaching staff of American universities deserve special attention – you could even be taught by a Nobel Laureate! It’s easy to be the best when you learn from the best.

Just take a look at some of the places you can study:

And, of course, job opportunities in the US are great. Employment in the STEM industries offers some of the highest salaries in the world, and graduates of STEM subjects can stay in the US and work for two years on the Optional Practical Training scheme. Moreover, plenty of famous global companies are located in the US, which creates great internship opportunities.

Australia 🇦🇺

The Sydney Opera House, lit up at night
Australia is the great place to study and it’s just around the corner

Australia is another popular destination for Indian students to study abroad. First of all, it’s a geographically reachable. Secondly, in recent years, Australian universities have reliably placed highly in world university rankings. The quality of university education is controlled by the state, and universities offer a huge selection of programmes. For example:

The quality of life in Australia is excellent (think about all that sun…) and high living expenses can more easily be covered if you use your right to work 20 hours per week. Considering that English is the native language of Australia, finding a job here is not a huge challenge for Indian students studying abroad.

Canada 🇨🇦

View over the water of Toronto and CN Tower
In Canada, you can easily combine the best education with unique life experience

With over 124,000 Indian students studying abroad there in 2018, Canada is the second most popular destination country! Although being admitted to a Canadian university and getting a visa can be challenging, it’s definitely worth the effort. Aside from the great quality of education, Canada has a pleasant climate, rich multicultural atmosphere, and gorgeous nature, making studying in Canada is a life-changing experience for any international student. Canadian universities have programmes which will fit any interest, and which provide a fantastic start for your professional or academic career.

In fact, three of Canada’s universities are ranked in the world’s top-100:

  • University of Toronto at #25 – one of the world’s best universities for pharmacy, nursing, computer science, medicine and mathematics.
  • McGill University at #31 – nicknamed the ‘Harvard of Canada’, whose largest faculties are engineering, medicine and science.
  • University of British Columbia at #45 – renowned for its cutting-edge academic programmes and state-of-the-art research facilities.

United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament
The UK offers classical education with a worldwide reputation

Of course, we cannot fail to mention the UK on this list. British universities historically have a reputation as some of the most prestigious and beautiful educational institutions in the world. English traditions and teaching methods undoubtedly guarantee not just a diploma, but the highest level of knowledge. A university education in the UK is respected all over the world and opens many doors for you. As in Australia, the official language of the country makes adaptation and life here much more comfortable for Indian students.

2019 was marked with a 63% increase in the number of Indian students studying abroad in the UK compared to the previous year – over 30,000 students received a study visa! In the UK you’ll definitely find a perfect school for you.

  • Interested in medicine or nursing? Then you should definitely check out the programmes at the universities of Nottingham, Manchester or Southampton!
  • Aiming for a more humanitarian education? We highly recommend looking at the universities of Edinburgh or Durham.
  • Consult our guide to the Russell Group universities to learn about the very best institutions in the UK!

Even better? You can stay in the UK after you graduate! The new ‘Graduate Route’ will allow international graduates to work or seek employment in any sector for up to 2 years after graduating, starting from summer 2021. And PhD graduates can stay for three years. To learn more about post-study work in the UK and other countries, read our blog post.

Germany 🇩🇪

Photograph from inside the Reichstag dome in Berlin
Studying in Germany, you’ll be right in the centre of everything!

Another attractive European destination for Indian students is Germany. Located in the middle of Europe, it’s a place rich in culture and a country famous for its high quality of life. High educational standards are also included in the list of reasons why Indian students should study abroad in Germany. What’s more, Germany is one of the most affordable places to study.

Two main advantages of education in Germany are the practical orientation of programmes, giving you not only a diploma, but the ability to apply your knowledge.

  • Where could be better than studying at IUBH University of Applied Sciences, where you can study computer science or business. Teaching is in English and you are encouraged to do internships or semesters abroad, preparing you for an international career.
  • Or study medicine, nursing or engineering at IAS College, where the courses are especially tailored to international applicants such as Indian students! The IAS experience includes German language and German technical training courses.


A good education is one of the prerequisites for a successful future. Education abroad guarantees you not only a high quality of knowledge but also experience, networking, and comprehensive personal development. If you are serious about studying abroad, you might be interested to see what scholarships Indian students can count on. In any case, remember that education abroad can become a reality, and we at Aplic.io are here to help make your admission even easier and more affordable.

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